Sienna Hospitalized At Impact Tapings

Sienna Hospitalized At Impact Wrestling Tapings With Blood Clots In Her Lungs

Impact Wrestling star Sienna suffered a scary situation that resulted in her being hospitalized during the latest set of television tapings.

At the latest set of tapings, the former Knockouts Champion was reportedly experiencing short and labored breathing, as well as severe back spasms and sharp pains when she inhaled. The belief was that she had a displaced rib or collapsed lung, but it turned out that she was dealing with a blood clot in each of her lungs.

Sienna took to her official Facebook page to write about the situation. Check out the complete post below.

I went to the hospital during Impact tapings after experiencing short, labored breathing, and severe back spasms/sharp pains at the top of my inhale. I suspected a displaced rib, or worst case, a collapsed lung.‬

‪Turns out I have a blood clot in each lung.‬

‪I won’t be wrestling right now, but I’m still making appearances, raising money for the Undie Run (…

…and judging everyone in this hospital. #PinkiesUp

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