Sonya Deville Comments On Stalker

Sonya Deville Breaks Silence, Comments On Arrest Of Stalker Who Broke Into Her House

— WWE superstar Sonya Deville, who was the victim of a stalking and near abduction attempt this weekend, is safe following a crazy story in which her stalker made his way to her home and broke in with plans to take her hostage. She released the following statement via Twitter:

“Thank you everyone for your love and concern. A very frightening experie/ce but thankfully everyone is safe. A special thank you to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for their response and assistance.”

— Prior to the statement from Deville, WWE’s Titus O’Neil, who lives close by, released the following statement to News Channel 8:

“I have spoken to her and I’m glad she’s safe and I’m thankful and grateful that the sheriff’s office took care of the situation immediately. Celebrity status aside this is sickening. I am a product of a sexual assault and have zero-tolerance or respect for any human being that would violate a person’s privacy and or personal space.”

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