Sonya Deville Stalker Updates

Sonya Deville Reveals Scary Messages Sent By Stalker Prior To Kidnapping Attempt At Pre-Trial

WWE’s Sonya Deville tested on Thursday afternoon at the pre-trial hearing for Phillip Arnold Thomas II, who has been arrested on Sunday morning at the premise of Deville and has been charged with multiple offenses.

Thomas has been assigned a public defender and has invoked his right to remain silent. He was not present physically in the courtroom but was seen on video in handcuffed and in custody. The pre-trial is ongoing to determine if Thomas is to be granted bail or not before his actual trial.

Deville went over what happened that evening, indicating that she was sleeping in her room when she was awoken by her alarm system. Mandy Rose was sleeping in her guest room and Deville woke her up too. She went to turn off the alarm, entered the kitchen, looked outside and saw a man (Thomas) in black wearing a mask. She asked him “What the f*ck are you doing?” but the man just stared at her before approaching. Deville said it was at that point that she knew he was there to get her so she ran out of the kitchen, into the guest room, grabbed Rose and they both ran into the garage. Deville jumped into the driver seat but couldn’t get the car going because she was freaked out but with Rose’s assistance they got the car going and drove out, using Rose’s cell phone to dial 911.

She then said she returned to the house shortly after when an officer arrived and she waited outside while more help came. The authorities entered the home through the garage and came out with Thomas, who Deville immediately identified as the man she had seen before fleeing. She stated that the man was a complete stranger and did not have authorization to enter her property. Court officials were shown footage from her security camera, which showed Deville looking through her door, running out the kitchen before the man was also seen following the same path in pursuit. Deville also identified several items recovered at her home that she stated were neither hers nor in her home until Thomas broke in.

After police gave Deville the name of the man, she went through her Instagram messages and found hundreds of messages from him threatening her life, the life of her baby niece as well as threats to decapitate Deville’s ex-girlfriend. He also had sent messages threatening to sexually assault her and sent multiple pictures over several months. Thomas also opened two more accounts to send these messages to Deville, including using the name “Phil” for one of them. Deville stated that the last message she received from him was shortly before he invaded her home and it stated to “look outside” because he was standing next to her pool and that he was going to “kill that b*tch” who was with her (Rose). Thomas’ attorney tried to object that the messages could not connect the defendant but the State argued that the last message placed Thomas at the scene of the crime and that further testimony from a detective could link those together. One of the messages specifically noted Deville’s home address, which also strengthened the State’s claim. The presiding Judge read the rest of the messages on Deville’s account privately due to concerns about any personal information that it could contain about her life, however, there were references to two people – Arianne – her ex-girlfriend and Vic Joseph, who Deville identified as one of her best friends.

Deville also testified that one of the messages from Thomas demanded she had to have sex with him or he would release her address to the public. He also threatened the lives of every relative in her family, including her mother, sister, niece and ex-girlfriend. Thomas even suggested that he could walk to a neighboring home and prove his intent by killing people there. He also sent her messages with the words “Tick Tock when will the fun begin?”

Going into even more detail, Deville noted that Thomas threatened to find her at WWE events even if she was backstage as well as her niece and force both of them to perform sex acts on him at the Performance Center. She then said that Thomas threatened that the only way to save her family from hardship was if Deville had a sexual relationship with him and that he would come and meet her wearing a mask. When she didn’t respond to his messages (because she hadn’t seen them at the time), Thomas warned her that by ignoring him, he would come to talk to her in person and “get what (he) wants” and make her regret that she chose to ignore him. Deville also stated that another message from him said that he would attend SummerSlam as her boyfriend.

It’s not clear yet what the Judge’s ruling on the matter is, but based on all the above disturbing events, it’s very unlikely Thomas will be given a chance to post bail and get out until his trial.

Watch video footage of the pre-trial proceedings for the Sonya Deville attempted kidnapping case, featuring Deville facing the crazed stalker in person in court via the multiple clips that have surfaced online by CLICKING HERE.


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