Speculation on Jason Jordan’s Return; News on Jinder Mahal

— Jason Jordan is also nearing a return, having been backstage for several weeks but seemingly not given the official go ahead from WWE medical staff.  It’s also possible that creatively, WWE is waiting until SummerSlam is over and storylines reboot.   The last we saw Jordan, he was being pushed as a babyface in a role as Kurt Angle’s son and while the story won’t be forgotten, the speculation is that he will be back as a tag team with former partner Chad Gable as the American Alpha. 

— According to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet, when Jinder Mahal returned to WWE a couple of years ago, there was a pitch to have him serve as a “self-appointed authority figure” that would police the backstage hallways of WWE shows.   Mahal was going to be known as “The Mahal Monitor” and it seems like in the current timeframe, the role has evolved as Baron Corbin’s “constable” character. 


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