“Speedball” Mike Bailey Talks Current Contract Status

Earlier this year, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE and “Speedball” Mike Bailey were in contract negotiations. In the report, Meltzer mentioned that the promotion had to get Bailey’s visa issues fixed, in order for him to begin working with WWE.

Mike recently interviewed with Inside The Ropes, where he cleared up his current status. “Speedball” told Liam Alexander-Stewart:

“I mean I am very focused on long-term goals and I am still not signed anywhere right now, if that is the question… Of course, I’m not specifically goal orientated. I will take whatever opportunities arise and go with it. I have a long-term goal with wrestling which is to become a millionaire and share my passion and teach a good objectively fun replicable version of wrestling to as many people as possible but there are many steps between myself and that. I’ll get there by whatever way makes the most sense. When I have anything to confirm or deny, I won’t do it on my Twitch channel.”

Bailey last wrestled in September of 2020, during a match that took place in Canada. As of March 2016, Mike is currently banned from entering America.

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