Impact Wrestling Spoilers From 1/15/2018

*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Jan. 15th In Orlando, FL.

Impact Wrestling continued their week-long series of television tapings on Monday night at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Featured below, courtesy of MrEddyG and, are complete spoiler results from the 1/15/2018 taping.


1. Eli Drake defeated Moose to win the Feast or Fired briefcase for an Impact Wrestling Global Championship Title shot. It was a briefcase vs. briefcase match. Moose accidentally clotheslined the referee at one point, then OVE come down and attacked Moose. Eddie Edwards came to help, but Eli took Sami Callihan’s baseball bat and hit Moose twice with it. But that’s not enough to get the win as Moose kicked out. Drake hit the Gravy Train to get the win and now has both the tag team and world title briefcases.

Matt Sydal and Josh Matthews came out. Josh announced he’s going to be in a match against Petey Williams. Josh is upset about Matt losing the Grand Title and kept rambling until Williams’ music cuts him off.

2. Petey Williams beat Josh Matthews (w/Matt Sydal) by DQ. Mathews was dressed in street clothes. Sydal distracted Petey several times and got in the ring for the DQ while Williams was going for the Canadian Destroyer on Josh. They both beat up Petey after the match. Josh did not look good in the ring.

3. Fallah Bahh, Richard Justice, and Tyrus defeated Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, and KM. Fun match. Fallah Bahh with the Banzai Drop to win it for his team.

4. Rosemary beat Taya Valkyrie in a no DQ/no count-outs Demon’s Dance match. Taya had Rosemary down in a corner and put a chair between Rosemary’s legs and swung another chair into her. Rosemary recovered and brought in ladder at another point. Rosemary had a table set up in a near one of the corners and while Taya is sitting on the top turnbuckle, Rosemary picked her up for a Super Piledriver through the table to pin her!

Eli Drake came down with both of his briefcases and wore a t-shirt, khakis, a winter coat, and a scarf. Eli said it’s not often he’s wrong, but he admits he’s wrong. He said he didn’t need the tag team title case, because his partner, Chris Adonis tucked tail and left. Drake said that Austin Aries was busy with Alberto El Patron, so that left one option as he picked up the tag title briefcase. Out came L.AX. Drake hightailed it out of the ring. Konnan said he doesn’t trust Drake and wants to know who his partner would be. Drake his partner is someone who Konnan is very familiar with: Scott Steiner! After calling the fans White Trash, Steiner called himself the most dominant WCW Champion in the NWO’s history and said that Redemption will be held April 22, in Toronto. Konnan wondered if Steiner still has the talent and desire to get the job done or if he just wanted another payday? Drake said they’ll be ready and as his music hit, Konnan told the audio technician to cut it and play the champions’ music. This sounds like it’ll be a great buildup up until their match.

5. Moose beat Sami Callahan by DQ. Sami got disqualified when he attacked Moose with a baseball bat. OVE came down to join in, and Eddie Edwards tried to help but the numbers game caught up with him. Alisha ran in the ring to protect Eddie. The lights went out and Tommy Dreamer appeared with a kendo stick to chase OVE away. He announced that the three of them would take on OVE in the first ever House Of Hardcore match on Impact April, 22nd at Redemption.

6. Braxton Sutter and Su Yung beat Kiera Hogan and Fallah Bahh. Yung brought a kendo stick with her and pinned Kiera with an airplane spin into a sit-out slam. Allie attacked Su after the match, and Sutter tried to restrain her, but Yung got to her. Some referees managed to break things up as Braxton pulled Su away to the ramp.

7. Johnny Impact beat Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) by DQ. As they were fighting outside, Kongo threw the referee into the barricade. Kongo put some steps on the apron outside, and with Impact on his shoulders, ran him head first into the stairs.

KM has a mic and says everyone knows he’s an….innovator. He created a match no one’s ever seen: before called a KM Invitational match. He named only jobbers he wants to fight. “The Machine” Brian Cage answered the challenge.

8. Brian Cage beat KM. KM tried to back out of the match, but it didn’t work. Cage dominated and won with a new F5-type finisher.

9. Jake Crist (w/Dave Crist), Sami Callahan, Matt Sydal )w/Josh Matthews), and Alberto El Patron defeated Moose, Petey Williams, Tommy Dreamer, and Austin Aries. Dave was caught by the referee trying to interfere and was sent to the back. Sydal pinned Williams. After the match, the heels attack Dreamer and the babyfaces until Aries and Alberto were left alone in the ring. They briefly ffought and Aries went for the brainbuster on El Patron, but Alberto escapes into the crowd.

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