Impact Wrestling Spoiler Results For January

*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For January 2018

Following Sunday night’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Impact Wrestling held their fifth straight night of tapings for future episodes of their weekly show on Pop TV.

Featured below, courtesy of, is a complete spoiler report from the taping from Friday night.

Impact Tapings For Early January

Xplosion Match: Eddie Edwards beat Hakim Zane. Eddie won with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Good effort from Zane though.

Impact Tapings (to air in early January):

1. Taiji Ishimori defeated Dezmond Xavier to retain the X Division Title. At one point, Xavier did an insane flip clearing the top rope and landed over the barricade into the first few rows of fans. Ishimori got a cut on the back of his head from the leap. Ishimori retained with a 360 splash. A long, outstanding X Division match. They shook hands after the match.

2. Rosemary beat KC Spinelli. Rosemary won a short match with Red Wedding. Rosemary got a mic and congratulated Laurel Van Ness for being the Knockouts Champion. She told Allie, who will be taking on Laurel for the title at Genesis, that she’s proud of how far she’s come, but if she has to go through her to regain her KO’s title she will.

3. Matt Sydal beat EC3 to win the Grand Championship. Both men agreed to make it a regular match with no judges or rounds. Late in the match, EC3 has Sydal in a fireman’s carry and on the second rope, but Sydal reverses it into a sunset flip powerbomb and hit a Shootinng Stsr Press to become the new Grand Champion!

4. Laurel Van Ness defeated Allie to retain the Knockouts Championship. Allie was more aggressive early taking Laurel outside and throwing her into the guard rail, and nailing a jumping forearm on from the ring steps. The referee was bumped accidentally by Laurel and while he was recovering Laurel dropped Allie with the KO Title belt for the pin.

5. Moose beat Lashley (w/KM, Dan Lambert). KM wore a sleeveless American Top Team shirt, so he looks to be an official member of their team. KM grabbed Mosse’s leg to distract him, and Lashley gave him a huge clothesline for a near fall. Lashley got in KM’s face and warned him to stay out of the match. KM tried to bring in a table in the ring, but Lashley stopped him. KM tried to distract the referee by getting on the apron, but Moose pushed Bobby into him and connected with the Game Changer for a close near fall. Moose then got a second Game Changer to pin Bobby for the first time ever. Lambert was furious with Lashley and told him he pays him a lot of money. Bobby shoved him to the ground. KM tried to calm him down, and Bobby speared him outside! Lashley threw Dan into the ring and Moose spears him. Moose set up the table in a corner, picked him up, and drove him though the table. Bobby and Moose shook hands. The injured member of ATT tried to check on Dan, but Moose hits him with a big boot. Moose and Bobby shook hands again.

Xplosion Matches

1. Eli Drake beat Brett Banks. Eli won with Gravy Train in an ok match.

2. Kongo Kong beat Phil Atlas. Kongo, who did not have Jimmy Jacobs in his corner, completely dominated Atlas before destroying him with a top rope splash.

3. KM beat Kaito Kiyomayi. KM was dressed in his regular gear this time. He won with a pump handle face first slam. Good effort by Kaito.

4. Hania the Huntress beat KC Spinelli. Hania won with a jumping reverse DDT.

5. War Child beat Hannibal. War Child (John Bolen) dressed in zombie-like red, white and black body paint and won with a spear.

6. Moose beat RJCity. RJCity gets a mic and said he’s overcome with emotion to be in Ottawa, and said there’s a lot of women at the arena and in Ottawa. He went to the crowd and asks a girl what her name is? Then he pulled the mic away and says she doesn’t look as good as he thought. He’s an artist, singer, and something else. Moose came out with an Ottawa Red Blacks hat and shirt. Moose won with a Sky High from the second rope. Moose thanked Ottawa from everyone and said in 2018 Impact will continue to be great.

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