Impact Wrestling Spoilers From 6/6 TV Taping In Queens

*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results From Queens, N.Y. (6/6/2019)

As noted, Impact Wrestling held a set of TV tapings on Thursday night at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York.

Featured below, courtesy of, are complete results from the taping.

Make sure to check back here at again this evening for the second of two straight nights of Impact Wrestling TV tapings in New York, and again on Saturday for results of the Impact Wrestling: “A Night You Can’t Mist” special featuring the return of Japanese legend The Great Muta.


Shawn Donovan vs. Rohit Raju (with Gama Singh)

Donovan is a regular for WrestlePro. He was worked over but made a comeback and hit a heck of a spinebuster. Rohit Raju came back with a top rope double stomp for the pin.
Your winner, Rohit Raju!


Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack

A good back and forth match. Elgin worked over Mack on the floor and tossed him back into the ring for a two count. Elgin locked on a side chinlock and scored several two counts but Mack kept kicking up. Elgin worked him over in the corner but Mack kicked him off after being whipped into the corner. Mack nailed a spinkick and slammed Elgin. He nailed a big legdrop for a two count. Mack nailed a sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Mack went for a stunner but it was blocked. Elgin drilled him with several strikes and a superkick. Elgin nailed a superplex off the top for a two count. Elgin missed a charge into the corner and nailed his shoulder into the ringpost. Mack went for a dive but Elgin pulled Rich Swann in the ring, then slammed Swann on the ring apron. Elgin nailed a bucklebomb and a sit-down powerbomb for the pin.

Your winner, Michael Elgin!

Really good match.

Elgin went to powerbomb Mack but Swann attacked him. Johnny Impact got involved and he and Elgin laid out Mack and Swann. Elgin and Impact shook hands but Elgin then turned on him and nailed a German suplex, leaving Impact laying as well. He powerbombed Mack on the floor into the ringpost.

The North vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu (with Super Genie)

BIG pop for Sabu and RVD. Sabu started out with Josh Alexander, who was cautious. He tried to out-wrestle Sabu but was nailed with a big right. RVD tagged in with a legdropover the ropes. He nailed a suplex for a two count. The North took control and worked over RVD, who came back with a spinkick and an armdrag on Ethan Page. Van Dam ducked a clothesline and used a takedown. Sabu and RVD nailed Rolling Thunder. Sabu flung a chair at Page. Van Dam covered him for a two count after dropping Sabu atop of him.

The North cut off RVD and began double-teaming him. Alexander began working over Van Dam’s leg. He nailed a suplex for a two count. They worked over RVD for a long time as Sabu was dying to get in the ring. Page missed a charge in the corner and was kicked by RVD. Sabu made the hot tag and began flinging chairs into The North’s faces.

Sabu and RVD worked over Alexander but Page made the save.

Sabu and RVD brought a table into the ring, getting a “ECW” chant. They set up to do a double legdrop through the table but Moose ran out and knocked RVD off the top to the floor. Sabu hit the Arabian Facebuster through the table anyway. Moose interfered and allowed The North to double team Sabu and pin him.

Your winners, The North!

Dreamer hit the ring and attacked Moose after. They set up for Van Dam to hit the Van Terminator on Moose but he slipped out and escaped before Rob could nail the move.

Fun match. The NYC crowd loved seeing the former ECW guys.

Havok (with James Mitchell and Su Yung) vs. unnamed opponent.

Havok drilled the unnamed Redhead (I will add her name when I learn it) with a clothesline and worked her over. She nailed a snap suplex and then flung her by her hair across the ring. The redhead made a comeback but was kicked down. Havok nailed a tombstone and scored the pin. Good squash match.

Jim Mitchell cut a promo, saying that he had to unleash his kaiju queen Havok, his secret weapon to get back Su Yung after Rosemary put her hands on Mitchell. He said that to pay Havok back for helping him by making sure she becomes the next Impact Knockouts Champion. He said that Rosemary’s carcass will be the launching pad for that.

Gama Singh cut a promo about how the entire country is supposed to be the land of the free but all he sees are cowards. The crowd chanted “USA!”

Cody Deaner (with Cousin Jake) vs. Raj Singh (with Gama Singh)

A short back and forth match. Cousin Jake went after Gama on the floor when he tried to interfere and Singh acted like he was feigning a medical emergency. That allowed Singh to drill Deaner with a Rocker Dropper type move and score the pin.

Madison Rayne vs. Jordynne Grace

Keira Hogan came out to commentate. She has a new theme song as well.

Lot of chants for Grace. Grace used her power early to keep Rayne off balance. Rayne took a nasty looking bump to the outside. Grace shoulderblocked her down when she returned to the ring, then hit a long delayed vertical suplex. Grace nailed a series of clubbering blows and locked on some unique submissions. Rayne nailed several kicks and a dropkick. They battled outside on the apron. Back in the ring, Rayne nailed Grace with a crucifix bomb for a two count. They battled in the corner. Grace caught him and nailed the muscle buster for a two count. Rayne battled back but was nailed with a clothesline. Grace went to the ropes but had words with Hogan. Hogan distracted her by coming towards the ring, which allowed Rayne to escape a hold and drill her for the pin.

Your winner, Madison Rayne!

Really damn good back and forth match.

The Sandman vs. Killer Kross

Killer Kross was in the ring. Sandman hit the ring from the crowd from where he was signing autographs but was cut off with a right hand. They rang the bell. Kross worked him over but Sandman made a comeback and worked him over with punches in the corner.

Sandman began caning Kross. Kross ducked a shot and locked in a choke. Sandman tried to nail him with the cane but was choked out. The referee stopped the match. Eddie Edwards hit the ring with a ton of fire and clotheslined Kross over the top to the floor. He challenged him to return to the ring, wielding the cane but Kross walked out.

Edwards and Sandman had a beer bash after. Sandman went right back to where he was signing. You have to love Sandman.

Trey vs. Wentz vs. Dez

Yes, all the Rascalz are fighting each other. They all came out together. I don’t know what the storyline explanation for this is. Lots of big moves and dives. The crowd was super into all the big spots. The crowd chanted, “Impact Wrestling.” Lots of athletic back and forth sequences. In the end, Dez and Wentz piled on Trey and pinned him. They were both announced as the winners.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Jake Crist

Blanchard fired away with authority with a series of forearm smashes to the face. The crowd was super into Blanchard. She nailed a pair of dives to the outside. The crowd went nuts for this and chanted for Tessa. She came off the top but ate a superkick in mid-air. Crist took control and worked her over for some time. He cinched in a chinlock. Blanchard escaped and fired away with chops but was nailed. They battled back and forth until Blanchard hit a tornado DDT for a near fall. Tessa nailed a jawbreaker. Crist nailed a Samoan Drop but Blanchard kicked out, which the crowd popped for. Blanchard came off the ropes with a Codebreaker and scored the pin.

Your winner, Tessa Blanchard!

Eddie Edwards vs. Sawyer Fulton.

There was some sort of melee. Eddie Edwards hit the ring and began brawling with Sawyer Fulton. They battled around ringside. Edwards came off the apron but was caught and chokeslammed onto the apron. They finally hit the ring and they bell rang. They battled back and forth. Fulton went for a powerbomb but Edwards nailed a rana. A video played on screen where Killer Kross was apparently water boarding The Sandman. Or someone they said was Sandman. I kid you not. All of this allowed Fulton to attack Edwards and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sawyer Fulton!

Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer

They battled to the floor, where Dreamer backdropped Moose on the floor. Moose controlled Dreamer in the ring for a long time. Dreamer came back with a neckbreaker. They battled back and forth in the ring. Dreamer nailed a superplex but was too beat down to make the cover. Dreamer went to use a chair but the referee got in the way. Moose kicked the chair into Dreamer, speared him and scored the pin.

Your winner, Moose!

Moose worked over Dreamer and set up a Van Terminator but Rob Van Dam hit the ring to prevent it.

Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Su Yung (with Jim Mitchell & Havok)

They battled back and forth. Yung nailed a suplex into the buckles. Taya gained control. The crowd loved Taya screaming in Spanish. Yung cut her off with a kick and came off the ropes with an upside down head scissors, driving her into the buckles. Yung tied her up on the mat, trying to force a submission. Taya was hit with a hanging Pedigree off the ropes for a two count. Yung went for the Mandible Claw but Taya blocked it and nailed a curb stomp for a two count. Taya blocked the Claw again and nailed a Divorce Court for a two count. Taya went to the ropes but Havok nailed her. DQ.

Your winner and still Impact Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie!

Mitchell and his minions surrounded Taya but Rosemary came to the ring. Mitchell said that she was there right on cue, but they aren’t here to incite violence. He put over that Slammiversary was 7/7 in Texas. He said they were going to up the ante compared to what Dallas expects. He said that all four women were invited to the first-ever women’s Monster’s Ball – Rosemary vs. Taya vs. Su Yung vs. Havok.

Ace Austin cut a promo, saying he is transcending the X-DIvision and the entire company will be the Ace Division. He said he would start by taking the X-Division title and dared someone to come out and stop him.

Out came TJ Perkins. The crowd gave him a nice reaction.

TJP vs. Ace Austin

They had some really nice, athletic back and forth action with Perkins running Austin off. He tossed him back into the ring but Austin cut him off with a forearm to the face. Austin looked good athletically avoiding Perkins on the apron before blasting him with a kick. He came off the top but was caught with a powerbomb. Perkins hit a cool bodypress off the ropes for a three count. Short but sweet with both looking good.

Your winner, TJP!

Main event time!

Rich Swann vs. Michael Elgin vs. Johnny Impact

Everyone battled. Swann came off with a bodypress off the top as Elgin and Impact brawled in the ring. Lots of cool sequences. Impact nailed a nice springboard into a twisting dive on Swann and Elgin. Elgin nailed suplexes on everyone and hit clotheslines on everyone. Elgin nailed a Kryptonite Krunch style move on Swann for a two count. Impact got involved and took out Elgin and scored a two count on Swann. This was just great with all sorts of back and forth tandem sequences. Swann nailed stereo cutters on Elgin and Impact. The crowd chanted “Impact Wrestling!” Impact nailed a Spanish Fly on Elgin but Swann came off the top with a 450 splash and pinned Impact. GREAT main event!

Your winner, Rich Swann!

There was brawl after with Impact using the giant X to choke Swann. Brian Cage hit the ring and killed John E. Bravo with a chokeslam. Elgin and Cage faced off. Elgin charged. Cage nailed a knee strike and discus clothesline. He laid out Elgin to close the show.

That’s it for tonight!

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