Spoilers on Tonight’s “House of Horrors” Match

— According to a report at pwinsider.com, tonight’s “House of Horrors” match will be a combination of pre-taped segments along with live action at the building.

— The match will start by taking place pre-recorded in an actual house. Orton will arrive in a limo and the two will wrestle around in various rooms of the house, including one where kid dolls will be hanging from the ceiling.

— After about ten minutes, the two will end up in the kitchen where Bray will trap Randy, before he leaves and hijacks Orton’s limo to head to the arena where the match will finish off.

— It is unclear how the match will end or even who will win, but given that it’s non-title and based on the smart money odds, it appears it will be Wyatt who likely be coming out on top.

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