205 Live Spoilers For 11/7/2017

*Spoilers* WWE 205 Live Taping Results From Manchester, England

In addition to SmackDown Live, WWE taped this week’s edition of 205 Live on Tuesday afternoon at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Featured below are complete spoiler results of this week’s 205 Live episode.

205 LIVE (NOV. 7, 2017)

* Enzo Amore kicks off this week’s show. The Cruiserweight Champion is insulting the local Manchester fans. He claims his loss to WWE U.K.Champion Pete Dunne was Kalisto and Kurt Angle’s fault. He welcomes us to “The Zo Show” and brings out his guests — Tyler Bate, Mark Andrews, Jordan Devlin, Joseph Conners, James Drake and Tucker. Tate ends up dropping Amore and the crowd goes wild. Kalisto comes out. Bate vs. Amore is announced for later tonight.

* Kalisto def. Jack Gallagher. Jack Gallagher comes out to a big pop but goes heel on the crowd. Kalisto picked up the win with the Salida del Sol.

* Backstage we see Enzo Amore with Charly Caruso. Amore cuts a promo on Tyler Bate following their exchange in the opening segment. He claims Bate hit him with a cheap shot earlier and will pay for it later tonight.

* Mark Andrews & Cedric Alexander def. Joseph Conners & James Drake in what was an excellent tag-team match. The finish saw Andrews hit the Shooting Star Press on Drake for the 1-2-3.

* Enzo Amore def. Tyler Bate in a non-title match in what was the main event of this week’s 205 Live. Amore picked up the win with the JawdonZo. After the match, Amore continued to attack Bate until Kalisto hit the ring to make the save.

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