WWE U.K. television taping results

*Spoilers* WWE U.K. TV Taping Results (5/6)

Report by James Ryder and F4WOnline.com:

Dark match

– Roy Johnson defeated HC Dyer

This was short and not very good.

TV taping results

– William Regal came out to a loud ovation, thanking the fans and saying that we’ll be first to witness what they’re doing. He announced Mark Andrews vs. James Drake. The winner will face whoever is champion tomorrow.

– Mark Andrews defeated James Drake

The crowd was very quiet for the start, but soon warmed up with a “let’s go Jesus, Jesus sucks” chant. That was followed by “let’s go Andrews, Jesus sucks” chants. There was a “power of Christ compels you” chant as well.

Andrews reversed a suplex into a stunner, then followed with the shooting star press for the win. The match had a good closing stage with stiff shots from both.

– Saxon Huxley & Akira Tozawa defeated Brian Kendrick & Tony Nese

Huxley was over as the “real Jesus” and Tozawa got a big pop as well. Tozawa got a hot tag and ran wild, including an impressive Sick Kick. Tozawa and Huxley won after Tozawa used a top rope senton splash.

– Pete Dunne defeated Sam Gradwell

Dunne worked over Gradwell’s arm/fingers for a lot of the match. They traded stiff slaps during the middle portion. Dunne caught Gradwell coming off the top rope with a forearm and followed with the Bitter End for the win.

– TJP defeated Rich Swann

Swann was on offense early before TJP started working over his leg. Swann made a short comeback, trading hard kicks with TJP after escaping a kneebar attempt. After exchanging pin attempts, TJP locked in the kneebar for the win. This was a standard 205 Live match.

– Tyson T-Bone defeated Dan Moloney

The crowd chanted “Dan, Dan, Dan” in the cadence of the “10” chant. This was nothing special. T-Bone won with a draping DDT off the top turnbuckle.

– Trent Seven defeated Wolfgang

This was a good, hard-hitting match. Wolfgang “injured” Seven’s arm, which played into the match later when Seven couldn’t properly apply a single-leg crab. Wolfgang tried a Swanton, but Seven countered with two knees and won with a Burning Hammer.

– WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate defeated Joseph Conners to retain his title

Excellent match. Conners used some unique offense, including a backdrop into a front slam combination. Bate fired back with a flurry of punches to the crowd’s delight.

Bate did a Fosbury flop where he caught the top rope on the way over but still managed to adjust and hit the move. He hit a second rope fireman’s carry and the Tyler Driver ’97 for the win.

– Dunne will face Seven on tomorrow’s show. The winner will challenge for the UK title at NXT TakeOver: Chicago.

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