Stephanie McMahon interview highlights

Stephanie McMahon On Taker’s WM33 “Farewell,” Working For Her Dad

WWE’s Stephanie McMahon recently took time to take part in an interview with U.K. media outlet Below are some of the highlights.

On the backstage atmosphere after The Undertaker’s “Farewell” at WrestleMania 33: “There will never be another Undertaker… and everyone feels the same whether it’s backstage or out in the arena. I think that everyone that is part of the WWE Universe is a fan of The Undertaker. There will never be anyone [else] like him.”

On what it’s like to work for her father, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon: “Working for my dad is incredibly challenging, in a variety of ways. It can be challenging from a family standpoint, right, because I think sometimes working with family you take certain things for granted, and that can be challenging, as I keep saying! But from an opportunistic standpoint, I would never have had the opportunities that I have been given and afforded if it weren’t for my father. I think you have to work that much harder when you are part of the family to prove yourself and to keep growing, but again those are the best life lessons that you can possibly have. The best part of working together, at least in my family, is this incredible shared passion. We all love what we do. To be able to bring different aspects of that passion literally to the table is a unique proposition and one I would never give up.”

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