Stephanie McMahon Talks WWE TV Deal Situation

Stephanie McMahon On WWE TV Situation, Possibility Of Airing RAW & SD! Live On WWE Network

Variety looked at WWE’s current television deal situation in a new featured article that was released this week.

In the article, it is acknowledged that FOX, Amazon and Facebook are among potential suitors for the company’s television programming going forward.

“We are incredibly happy with our partnership with USA [Network],” Stephanie McMahon said regarding potential suitors. “In terms of what the future might hold, I guess we’ll see, but we’ve been very, very happy and I hope NBC is happy as well.”

Stephanie McMahon also pointed out that the company does not intend to broadcast RAW or SmackDown Live on their WWE Network digital subscription service at this time.

“We leverage a content ecosystem, so at the moment, it is absolutely relevant and necessary to have [our content] on linear platforms,” said Stephanie. “It is still reaching a broad audience and it’s still our most profitable line of business. One piece doesn’t work without the other. Ultimately, would Raw and Smackdown go to the WWE Network? Maybe. But that’s certainly not where we are now.”

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