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Steve Austin On Becky Lynch’s Heel Turn, Rousey vs. Charlotte At WrestleMania

During a recent episode of his Steve Austin Show podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spent some time talking about Becky Lynch’s heel turn and shared his thoughts on a potential Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair main event at WrestleMania.

“I loved [Ric] Flair as a heel. He’s the greatest [pro] wrestler of all time, but his heel work was outstanding,” said Austin. “His baby[face] work, eh, he’s still Ric Flair, but I like Ric Flair as a heel. Charlotte I like as a heel. Becky I like either way. But, man, when she knocked the hell out of Charlotte, that crowd came unglued when they turned her heel, but it was the biggest babyface reaction of the night. People came unglued, so where does she go?”

The Texas Rattlesnake continued, “I just think let her be whatever the people want her to be. To me, for her, she doesn’t need to be a heel or a baby – she just needs to be Becky Lynch. And this is truly one of those cases where they say, Roman Reigns, no matter how the people want to take him, they can take him as a heel or baby, but he’s just going to be Roman. To me, I just think let’s take that out of the equation. Whatever they’re going to do with him, they’re going to do, with him beating Brock [Lesnar], but Becky ought to just be Becky because there’s money in Becky being Becky. Let the people decide. As long as she’s being true to herself, she’s going to fly as high and as far as they want her to.”

From there, Austin switched gears and spoke about the potential Rousey vs. Charlotte main event.

“For me, Charlotte is a defined heel,” said Austin. “We know she’s a heel. We’re pushing her as a heel. We’re booking her as a heel. Yeah, to me, she has a defined role. She’s totally confident in either one, but I think she’s more comfortable as a heel. And that’s not from me talking to her. That’s from me guessing that she’s more comfortable as a heel, but she’s going to do whatever they ask of her.” Austin said, “boy, that has the potential to be a hell of a main event, but then you’ve got two babies. Would you go two babies or would you make sure Charlotte’s a heel because Ronda needs to be the baby?”

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