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Steve Austin Details Origins Of Infamous WWE European Tour Bus Photo

During a recent episode of his “Steve Austin Show” podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke about the origins of the infamous photo from his early-WWE days that shows a number of legendary stars at the back of a tour bus.

Among the notable names in the photo are The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and others who were part of the European tour that the WWE crew was working at the time.

“We [were] on a gig over there in Europe, having a damn good time, and wrestling our ass off, putting asses in the seats. Guys were laying their stuff in and the business was on fire. That’s what it was.” Austin said, “the picture is probably from, it was ’97 or ’98. I’m almost positive. And this was, we were on a tour. We were over in Germany and over in the U.K., either one. I don’t remember which country we were in, but it was on that tour because we would go to Germany for seven days, and then, we’d go to the U.K. for seven days, or vice versa. And this is the back of a tourbus. And, I tell you what, we we’re traveling with two tourbuses. Normally, it was heels on one bus, and babies on the other bus.”

“It’s a circular table back there and you see in the picture, damn near everybody has a beer. The beers are all covered up because there are so many arms. Henry Godwinn has got a bottle of Jack [Daniels] and we were passing that thing around.” Austin added, “there are 11 people crowded around this table. Not everybody was in the back of the bus. Not everybody was in on the party thing. There are a lot of guys in all the seats up ahead, so, man, we probably had a crew of guys, man, probably 30 strong.”

“Everybody on the damn back of the bus was drinking, except Triple H. Only every now and then would Triple H would have a drink with the boys because the dude just doesn’t drink and he’s into his body and his physique.”

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