Steve Austin Talks About Roman Reigns

Steve Austin Explains How Roman Reigns Would Have Fared In WWE Attitude Era

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently appeared as a guest on the Off The Board podcast for an interview.

During the discussion, “The Texas Rattlesnake” was asked whether or not he feels reigning top WWE Superstar Roman Reigns would have been successful during the infamous WWE Attitude Era.

According to the WWE Hall Of Famer, Reigns would have been “lights out” during the Attitude Era.

“You put that guy in that line up during the Attitude Era, with that roster of Hall of Famers, guys that have yet to be in the Hall of Fame …and… holy smokes,” Austin said to podcast host Jimmy Traina. “I think the guy could’ve been lights out because the competition was so hot, heavy, and fierce.”

The legendary pro wrestler would go on to elaborate, going into more detail on just how cut-throat of an environment WWE was during the Attitude Era and their “Monday Night Wars” against rival promotion World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

“It was sink or swim,” Austin said. “You got a bunch of guys out there with knives and you get in the way and they will cut you. So, I think he would’ve thrived in the Attitude Era and right now, just with his looks, his size [and] his physicality, he’s gonna be just fine. He’s gonna be a big star.”

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