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Steve Austin Goes In-Depth On “What?” Chant Origins, Talks At Length About His Beer-Drinking In WWE

WWE Legend “The Texas Rattlesnake” Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared as the guest on Pat McAfees’ podcast, “The Pat McAfee show”. Listed below are a few highlights from the interview with Austin.

On the coolest night of his career:

“Man there were so many of them. Stunning Vince in MSG, the double turn with Brett, wrestlemania 17 with The Rock. I remember they were beating me up in the territories, and two weeks later they sent me to Memphis. Two weeks later I was driving up and down the highway in my Hyundai, and I worked my ass off. When you’re traveling down the road, drinking beer, and soaking up information from veterans, it’s a fun time”.

Did Austin drink during dark seg’s:

“I always thought I was undersized in my college days, but I could catch a football, and I could damn sure catch beers. Sometimes I’d be on the ramp, and give the guy the signal to throw me a beer. He would waive me off and I’d say no mfer, throw it! I was getting paid to drink for a living, and wrestling on the side. Austin continued by saying “I’d go out to entertain the crowd, and one day Vince called me and said damn Steve you cost me 14,000 that I need to pay the crew for overtime. I told him I’d go half on the payment with him, and he told me to just start coming in earlier”.

On the most beers drank in 1 night:

“Well I’ll never forget being over in Japan one time with the Dudleys, Stacy Kiebler, and abunch of others. We drank something like 103 or 108. For myself I’d keep a 12 to 18 pack. Some people say you don’t know how to drink beer. I’m trying to entertain people, if I drink it normal how entertaining is that? Half of it would go on me, half of it went on the audience, and when you drink half of each beer on an empty stomach you get a nice buzz. That’s a sacrifice I was willing to take”!

On the “what” chant origins:

“I was surprised it caught on like that, it started when I was a heel. I called Christian one day, and left a prank message. I’d say something then go what? Say something else then say what? I’d be on the mic on the ring and they say something then I go what? It just turned into a thing, and we turned it into a t-shirt. Who would’ve thought someone could get the word what over? For the people who say stop the chant because it’s messing up promos, no, if you leave out the pause you can get around the chant. It’s really just having fun, and I’m not a rocket scientist, people just had fun with what I was doing”.

On filming The Longest Yard:

“They didn’t have a stunt double for me. It was hotter than blazes. I got up to 275, and they had me playing running back. I’m thinking are you kidding me? Me and Nash would go to the bar after, and they couldn’t believe how much beer we would put down. Adam Sandler is a class act, and when Bob Sapp hit me and made me sh*t myself, I used method acting and actually sh*t myself. I’m kidding”.


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