Steve Austin Appears On The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Steve Austin On Hulk Hogan Ruining His Legacy, Bret Hart/WWE & More

WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin recently appeared as a guest on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast for an in-depth interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On the reason he retired from wrestling when he did: “The reason I got out of professional wrestling was because my body said, ‘hey Steve, you’ve had enough.’ And, like I tell everybody, and it’s also true, I could get a couple of more years out of my body. I could, but why? I had a very physical, aggressive style; I took hard, fast, quick bumps; the piledriver in ’96 or ’97, whatever it was, took its toll. Now, I’m 100% as far as doing normal human being stuff, but it was time for me to ride off into the sunset and preserve my health. And I want to live an active life for 10 to 20, 30 more years doing the stuff that I do, riding my dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and the outdoor stuff that I love to do for a long, long time. And it was just time.”

On Hulk Hogan and other wrestlers ruining their legacy by wrestling well after their prime: “That’s interesting. I get asked the question, ‘is he ruining his legacy?’ and I think I always respected what that guy did with his career, an unbelievable box office draw and a charismatic performer that so many people grew up [watching] and idolized. A lot of respect [for] him and that as far as what he did. I don’t like to talk too much about what are these guys doing still in the ring. That’s a personal decision. I made mine to get out and I live with that decision. I’m cool with it and I’m sure he’s cool with what he’s doing if he’s still doing it.

“Me and Terry [Hogan’s shoot first name] don’t trade phone calls. We’re not the best of friends. We’re not enemies. People say what they want to say or try to stir up animosity. I don’t hold anything against the guy. At the end of the day, we’re two of the guys. We’re pro wrestlers. We have a lot of things in common, [and] a lot of things that aren’t in common. But he does what he does and I think it is what it is. That’s all I can say.”

On WWE and Bret Hart burying the hatchet after years of having issues: “I was glad to hear it. There was so much real animosity between [Bret Hart and Vince McMahon] because of everything that happened in WWE with the Screwjob in Montreal [Canada] with Bret and Shawn [Michaels]. Then, Bret leaving [WWE]. There was just a lot of animosity there and Bret really thinks he got screwed. Not so much in the storyline, but in real life. And for him to come back and put this behind him, at some point, as I’ve gone down the road a few more paces, I seem to be making better decisions than I did back in the day, I think, and anything in life, experience makes you a better person or a smarter person anyway and the ability to take advantage of being able to make better decisions. And I think enough water was under the bridge that he can finally say, ‘okay, this is cool. I can accept this now. I can live with this.’ And I think it was like taking a big, 100-pound weight off his back and for them to be able to have closure in that storyline as a WWE angle, and closure to their real deal angle in life, the animosity between them, I think it’s a good thing.”

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