Steve Austin Speaks On Goldberg’s First WWE Run Going Wrong & Why He Returned

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently appeared on the PWTorch Livecast to discuss the return of his friend Bill Goldberg. During the interview, Austin said he’s glad to see Goldberg back because he didn’t think his first run in WWE was very memorable.

Austin says he doesn’t know if the writing was to blame, or if Goldberg just “didn’t really fit in the system” in WWE in the mid-2000s, but this time around the fans embraced the former WCW World Champion. Stone Cold thinks that this time around, Goldberg’s run in WWE is already going better.

“It was about the crowd responding in such great fashion,” Austin said of Goldberg’s 2016 return. “I’m not sure Goldberg is the greatest promo guy that ever walked the planet that did business in the squared circle, but an A+ promo by Bill Goldberg handling the task at hand, all those emotions, it was completely real and authentic. I felt it was a great piece of television.”

Austin said that he’s excited for Goldberg’s second chance in WWE, and feels he handled his comeback on RAW about as well as anyone could. As far as what motivated Austin’s Longest Yard co-star to return to WWE, he says it wasn’t about the money.

“Yeah, there’s some dollars and some cents on the table that’s going to go to Bill Goldberg and the WWE, but this wasn’t about the money,” he stated.

You can listen to Austin’s entire 75-minute interview here.

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