Vince Russo Appears On The Steve Austin Show Podcast

Steve Austin & Vince Russo Criticize WWE Superstars Over WrestleMania Sign-Pointing

During the latest edition of his Steve Austin Show podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin welcomed former WWE, WCW and Impact Wrestling head writer Vince Russo as a guest.

While talking about a number of current WWE-related topics, both “The Rattlesnake” and Vinnie-Roo agreed that WWE Superstars are over-doing the gimmick where they point to the WrestleMania sign hanging in the arenas at WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown Live.

“I’m trying not to watch as the grizzled veteran, 30 years or watch or 40 years or watching wrestling and go along for the ride, but when the ride’s going too fast, and everybody is pantomiming, pointing at that f-ing WrestleMania sign.” Austin continued, “it’s like, ‘dude, I get it, okay? April the 8th is right around the corner!’ But if I get one more guy or one more girl coming out there and pointing at that frigging green sign, I get it! It’s kind of like, ‘hello? McFly? Do you not see that giant WrestleMania sign over there?”

Russo then spoke about how absurd it is to hear wrestling journalists and fans debate who pointed to the WrestleMania sign properly during various WWE television segments leading up to the biggest show of the year.

“He was critiquing the way Nakamura pointed to the sign compared to John Cena and he liked Nakamura’s sign-point better.” Russo said, “I’m like, ‘are you guys freaking kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me?'”

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