Sting Appears On The Apter Chat

Sting In-Depth On Talks With Vince While In WCW, Reason He Didn’t Join WWE Back Then

Legendary pro wrestling personality Bill Apter and host of The Apter Chat Josh Shernoff recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Sting for an in-depth interview about his career. Featured below are some of the highlights.

Sting recently appeared on The Apter Chat where he spoke with legendary pro wrestling personality Bill Apter and host Josh Shernoff on many different topics from his career. A few of the subjects that came up during their interview were why it took so long for Sting to have a run in the WWE, how long Sting initially planned on staying with Impact Wrestling, and what WWE Chairman Vince McMahon told Sting about signing with Impact Wrestling (then known as TNA Wrestling).

On his conversations with Vince McMahon over the years about going to WWE: “I had probably had three… on three separate occasions, I had a conversation with Vince [McMahon] and I was close on a couple of those occasions to leaving [WCW]. Two reasons why I never did, number one, WCW always ended up giving me what I asked for as far as… it wasn’t just financial – it was how much I work – I wanted to have it be in black and white, contractually, ‘I want to work X number of days and blah, blah, blah, only a certain number of house shows that I want to do throughout the year,’ so they gave me what I wanted.”

On his theories for why Vince McMahon wanted him to leave WCW for WWE, and another reason he didn’t: “And as far as Vince, Vince and I would always talk and it was great. And then, the attorneys would talk and things would kind of change, but I always thought in the earlier days, I thought that Vince wanted me more to undermine WCW than he did want me as a talent. Well, in the later years, you could that, yes. I mean, that was definitely a part of it as well, but that wouldn’t have stopped me from going up there, honestly. I mean, I’m a pro wrestlers. This is what I do. And I’m not going to… I mean, I always thought everyone knows who I am. They know what I stand for. They know what I believe. And if I go up there and they ask me to do something that’s maybe against my conscience and I just can’t do it, then, I just won’t do it. And if it’s ‘goodbye’ at that point, I was ready to say, ‘goodbye’. I mean, that’s all there is to it.”

On his conversation with Vince McMahon after signing with Impact Wrestling: “I ended up going to TNA and I’ll never forget having that conversation with Vince. He’s on the phone with me and he says, ‘you know, Sting,’ he said, ‘I find this hard to believe. The legacy that you leave behind and the thought of you going to TNA is just, blah.’ That’s exactly what he said, ‘blah!’ And so then you fast forward to me coming back to do WrestleMania, I sent out a text to Vince and Triple H, and I simply said, ‘have you guys turned the page on Sting yet?’ because I honestly didn’t know. Did they turn the page? Are they done or would they consider a run up there?”

On his original plans for his run with Impact Wrestling: “Yeah, I thought, ‘let’s try TNA.’ And, again, they kind of gave me what I wanted. Obviously, it wasn’t all about money with TNA, but the schedule though that I ended up having, that I could attain and they were very agreeable. And so, we did that and the rest is history. I planned on doing it for a year maybe or a couple of years. But they brought me in in hopes that other bigger name guys might want to come in and I thought that worked because, quite frankly, quite a few of them ended up coming in. Kurt Angle was the first. Mick Foley was there. [Scott] Hall and [Kevin] Nash, they were there. Scotty Steiner was there. Hulk Hogan was there.” Sting professed, “a lot of guys ended up coming in and it was a lot of fun. It really was.”

Check out the complete episode of The Apter Chat featuring the interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Sting in its’ entirety below.

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