Sting Appears On The Apter Chat

Sting Recalls Feeling Emotional When WWE Took Over WCW

As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Sting recently appeared as a guest on The Apter Chat for an in-depth interview about his career. Featured below are some additional highlights from the show.

On how he got his Scorpion Death Lock finisher: “I was fortunate enough in those early days, while I was still with Bill Watts, (Giant) Baba from Japan wanted me to come do a show. Bill sent me to Japan and there was a wrestler named Riki Choshu. He used that hold and I went ‘oh, I like that’ and so then the scorpion kinda popped in all at the same time and attempting to brand myself.”

On the emotion he felt when WCW was finally shut down and taken over by WWE: “It was shocking. It was surreal. It was emotional because it was a lot of years of a lot of sacrifice. Fighting tooth and nail to not be the second class wrestling organization, but to finally evolve into the number one wrestling organization in the world. To be that first class wrestling organization. A global machine. And to just watch it slip through your fingers and be gone and totally out of your control, I always said it was like the enemy coming into your camp and having their way.”

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