Sting Interested In Bray Wyatt Showdown In WWE? (4/30/2019)

Sting Talks About Wanting To Have A Match In WWE Against Bray Wyatt

WWE Hall Of Famer Sting (Steve Borden) took part in a Q&A panel at this past weekend’s Awesome Con fan fest in Washinton D.C., where the former WCW and Impact Wrestling World Champion discussed his legendary career with the fans who were in attendance for the event.

When he was asked about what current WWE Superstar he would like to have had a match with prior to retiring in 2016, Sting revealed Bray Wyatt as his pick.

“Because Bray Wyatt has the personality. I like the whole Bray Wyatt thing. That would have been pretty interesting.”

“The Icon” would go on to mention his dream of working with Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker as well, which led to a huge ovation from the crowd. He also talked about the effect his character still has on the business, and even recalls Vince McMahon putting him over for having a great vigilante character.

“I don’t know, I’ve had so many fans say ‘there’s something about your eyes! Just looking into your eyes’ you know? Because I didn’t speak for a long time and all you could do was look at was my eyes. It was the only thing telling any kind of a story. It’s like Vince McMahon who was quoted saying one time, ‘I like the idea of having Sting up here! We’ve never had a vigilante.’ I guess the vigilante aspect of it and then nostalgia. You know you wrestling fans don’t want to say goodbye to a lot of wrestlers I’ve noticed. Especially the older characters like my original Surfer Sting. People still say, ‘Do you think you could ever do that [gimmick] again?’ Like, um, no I can’t pull that one off again! It’s the relationship that they had with their uncle, brother, mom or dad. It brought families together. They practiced wrestling moves on each other. It was a relational thing that caused a bonding to happen in families. Wrestling of all things… I think this is just all part of the fire that makes that happen.”

Check out the full panel below.

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