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Sting Talks About Wanting The Undertaker Match, Rumors Of Possible WWE Return

WWE Hall Of Famer Sting recently took part in a Q&A session while at the Wales Comic Con event in Wrexham this past Saturday. Featured below are some of the highlights, courtesy of @paperchampions and

On rumors of postponing required neck surgery to enable himself to have one final match in WWE: “I have never said ‘one more match’ ever. I’d like to have one more match, I’d like to have that Undertaker match. The only reason I held off on the surgery is because I had guys like Stone Cold saying don’t do it. I don’t have any side effects? I can still work out and it doesn’t bother me, I don’t get a sore neck from sleeping or anything so why would I get surgery? If you don’t need it, don’t do it.”

On which version of his past Sting characters he would portray if he were to have one more match: “I can’t pull off Surfer Sting anymore as I don’t have enough hair on my head. Probably Crow Sting or Joker Sting.”

On his favorite Sting character: “Crow Sting.”

On which young talent he would prefer to face if WWE were to ask him to and he were able: “Bray Wyatt, I like him. I know he’s not young but he has character, it’s kinda old school and I like that.”

On his take on the way his WrestleMania match with Triple H was booked and if he agrees with some fans who felt he was screwed: “No. I have no complaints. It was WrestleMania. You had DX, you had the NWO. It was surreal. A great moment and great memories. No complaints from me.”

On how much creative control he had during his WWE run and if there was anything he didn’t accomplish there that he would have liked to: “I’m sure that there is plenty that I wanted to do like the Taker match for example. As for things that I didn’t want to do – I just didn’t do them. If I didn’t wanna do something I would find an alternative, better thing to do.”

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