Stone Cold Says He Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Kurt Angle In The Royal Rumble, Talks Undertaker

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently did an interview with TV Insider to promote his Broken Skull Challenge show, and he noted that he’s looking forward to watching Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Austin praised fellow Hall of Famer The Undertaker, who will be a participant in the Rumble.

“I mean, how much left does The Undertaker got?” Austin asked. “He is a friend of mine. I don’t have his phone number or his email address. When we see each other we do catch up, though. The career that guy has at being almost 7 feet tall. The bigger you are in the business the more toll I think it takes on the body. You observe bumps differently. That guy has been through some wars. We used to always kid each other with who is going to last the longest. I got out in 2003, and that was 14 years ago, and this S.O.B. is still going.”

Austin says Taker’s career has been an “unbelievable ride,” and calls him a true badass. “There is only one guy who could have pulled that gimmick off the way he is doing it, and his name is Mark Calaway,” Austin said.

Stone Cold also commented on Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction, and has fond memories of his backstage skits with the Olympic gold medalist. Austin noted that he had three broken bones in his back at the time and couldn’t wrestle, so he had to rely on comedy with Angle. He says he wouldn’t mind seeing Angle as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

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