Undertaker Final Farewell

Survivor Series 2020: Undertaker’s Final Farewell

“My time, has come to let The Undertaker REST. IN. PEACE.”

Spoken from the mouth of The Dead Man as he stood inside the empty ring, the words echoed through The ThunderDome. Following the Sunday, November 22, 2020 WWE Survivor Series 2020 pay-per-view, a dedication to The Undertaker’s 30 Years in the W.W.E., finally being laid to rest.

Taker then dipped his head low, so the brim of his hat would cover his eyes. ‘Taker glanced back up, looking around the arena, clearly choked up. The crowd sounded with a response of, “Thank you ‘Taker! Thank you ‘Taker!” The Undertaker then throws the mic to ringside, as there’s nothing more that could be said.

At this point, ‘Taker gets down on one knee and holds his hand up high, eyes rolling into the back of his skull. He drops his head as we hear Paul Bearer’s signature “Oh yeeaa”. For just a moment, it looks as though Bearer is there with ‘Taker, handing off the urn. Once again we hear the crowd chanting “Under-Taker! Under-Taker!”

Undertaker stands as his music sounds once more, he signifies the cut-throat with his thumb across his neck as he sticks his tongue out, then exits the ring. ‘Taker stops at the top of the stairs for just a moment, then continues his way down to ringside and makes his way back up the ramp for the last time, smoke surrounding his trench coat. The camera pans up quickly to ‘Taker as the fire continues on the stage, and ‘Taker turns back for one last glance then dips his head low and raises his fist in the air as thunder rolls and the lightening strikes above him.

The Undertaker can now return to Death Valley, his legacy will live on for many years to come throughout the WWE Universe.

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