Talking Smack Recap: (7/10/21)

After last nights edition of Smackdown, WWE taped their latest episode of Talking Smack. The show featured Edge, an appearance from Carmella, as well as a visit from King Nakamura and Rick Boogz.

Talking Smack(7/10)

Kayla Braxton welcomes everyone to the show, and reminds the viewers that we’re just over a week away from the Money In The Bank special event. Kayla is joined by Pat McAfee, who is now a full-time co-host of the show. Kayla says “this is a bittersweet day,” because WWE is going back on the road, and leaving the ThunderDome. Pat talks about getting involved with King Nakamura on Smackdown, and Kayla covers the return of the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Pat and Kayla cover a few more highlights, until Kayla dishes out “breaking news,” telling viewers “next week on Friday night Smackdown there will be a six man tag team match,” which will involve Roman Reigns and The Uso’s, as well as Edge and The Mysterio’s. The host’s cover a few more highlights, until Kayla sends the show to a break.

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King Nakamura & Rick Boogz

The newly crowned “King” joins the hosts, along with his hypeman, who plays Nakamura onto the set. McAfee jams out with Boogz, and yells “I sat on Michael Cole’s head because of you two!” Boogz shreds it up beside the desk, and Pat calls Rick “the greatest guitarist of all time.” Rick tells him “ It’s funny, because I’m discovering who I am right now. I’m Nakamura’s court jester so to speak. I provide the music, the giggles, the laughs, all of the things.” Kayla asks Nakamura about defeating Baron Corbin on Smackdown, and Shinsuke recalls losing to Corbin four years ago, before saying “tonight I won. I’m the King.” Pat points out that the crown fits on Shinsuke’s head “like peanut butter goes with jelly,” so Nakamura jokingly adds “and bacon.” Boogz chimes in to talk about the newly acquired G-Wagon, and explains all of the things Corbin left inside of it, calling him “a bag of filth.” Kayla sends each guy off, and reminds Nakamura that he will be in a fatal four way match next week, as the first interview segment comes to a close.

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On the other side of the break, the host’s are joined by Carmella. “The most beautiful woman in all of WWE” talks about her upcoming Smackdown Women’s Championship match, and she states “next week I’m gonna be the two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion.” Carmella covers the list of Superstars she has beaten in the past, and asks “why aren’t we talking about me? I’m beautiful, but I can also go in the ring.” Pat wonders if Carmella expected this opportunity, and Carmella explains “of course I did. Bianca knew I deserved it. I was gonna be in the ladder match, but why put myself through that when I can just skip all of the pain, and get straight to the title.” Kayla congratulates Carmella on her opportunity, and brings up Bayley, before implying that Carmella and Bayley conspired together to make this happen. Carmella tells Kayla “I’m grateful to be the one who is replacing Bayley. No one knows Bianca better than Bayley, she knows her in and out. So if you don’t think Bayley will share that info with me, you must be crazy. Bianca should be scared.” Kayla wishes Carmella luck, and Carmella tells her “I don’t need it,” as Pat reiterates “she doesn’t need it,” and it’s time for another break.

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“The Rated-R Superstar” joins Pat and Kayla, and he seems to be in a good mood. Edge tells the hosts “I need to dip into a different place, and I need to do that when there’s a particular talent in front of me. Some talent brings out a side of Edge that isn’t even healthy for me. Talents like The Undertaker, John Cena, and Roman Reigns… I’ve won 31 championships, and I don’t count the 24/7 Championship. I don’t think Roman fully comprehends, or understands what he’s dealing with.” Pat points out that Edge has really taken it to Roman and The Uso’s lately, and Edge tells him “this all stuck with me. I realized I needed to change the narrative about what was going on. There was anger, and I needed to manifest that so I could use it in a good way. I learned something from the moment, there was reflection, but never doubt. I knew when I came back I had to find myself. I had to find the person who took on The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell. I needed to become unhinged.” Kayla reminds Edge about his upcoming six man tag team match, as Edge watches his own highlights from last night, and he’s proud of his work. Edge talks about Roman Reigns reaction, and says “as confident as Roman portrays himself, I felt the doubt. I felt it at WrestleMania when he almost tapped. I had him, and I scared him when I had him.” Edge goes on to say, “Roman is a spin doctor, he glossed over the fact that he was almost beat twice, and then there’s Jey Uso. So I can tell him ‘I had ya kid,’ and he knows that.” Kayla asks Edge to send a final message to Reigns, and Edge warns “I didn’t just come back to do a greatest hits tour. I didn’t come back to be happy-go-lucky. I fought back after having neck surgery, and other injuries… do you think I went through all of that to be the guy who is just happy to be here? I’m not. I came back to be Champion, and you just so happen to be the guy, wrong place, wrong time. At Money In The Bank the 10 year story ends. I’m leaving as Champion.” Pat simply says “wow,” as the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks Talking Smack Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!

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