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Tama Tonga Talks To No Name Tim About Firing Squad Theme Song

What’s the story behind the Firing Squad theme?

Tama Tonga spoke with music producer No Name Tim about the theme used for he and his brother Tonga Loa during a recent edition of his Tama’s Island podcast.

Featured below are some of the highlights of No Name Tim’s interview appearance on the show.

No Name Tim having themes stored for Tama that eventually became Firing Squad: “You [Tama] hit me a year, year and a half later and were like, ‘What’s going on with these other tracks you sent.’ ‘They are off to a folder on the side if we want to revisit.’ If I remember correctly, the title of it was Loyalty. You were like, ‘This Loyalty joint, I think it’ll be great for me and my brother. I want to debut it at Wrestle Kingdom.’ It was the beginning of December when you hit me with that. We had a couple of moving parts and I had to get some other stuff done. Then it was boom, done, and out. The final version that you hear now, instrumentally, is exactly what is was other than me adding the air raid siren. I added that because it needed something to put it over the top. The only thing he asked me for was an intro and hook.”

Tama Tonga on linking up with Tim when he was still a solo act prior to his brother joining him: “When we first linked up, I was going solo and my brother came in a year later. The wrestling business is always turning. At the beginning, I gave him my vibe, what I listen to and what I imagined walking out to. The rest of him putting it together. Right before the Wrestle Kingdom entrance, it was the last tour and I was stressing out. Not only did we have to figure it out, but then we have to get it cleared by New Japan and their lawyers. People have to sign stuff and we have to go back and forth. The video that went with the track, we still had to make that. Everything has to be done. There is no laying back and chilling. With New Japan, they want everything in-house and it’s hard to bring someone from the outside, especially a foreigner. Getting that, then having things translated. It came to down, we’ll give it to New Japan and they can have all rights to it in Japan, but let us have all rights to it in America and everywhere else. It was a bitch to get through. Luckily, we got it through.”

Check out the complete interview at Apple.com. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.


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