Taz & Corey Graves Twitter War Brewing?

Taz Fires Back At Corey Graves For Calling Him “Insecure”

There seems to be something going on between WWE broadcast team member Corey Graves and former WWE announcer Taz.

The two have been trading shots back-and-forth on social media this week, with Graves taking the first shot. He wrote on his official Twitter page, “Insecurity is a bad color on you Taz, shoulda stuck to orange and black.”

Graves then deleted the tweet, but has not offered an apology or an explanation as to why he posted it in the first place.

Taz has since caught wind of the comments and took to his own Twitter account to respond to them on Tuesday. Taz wrote, “I have no clue what you are talking about. PS: Tough to be insecure when I’m the happiest I’ve been ever professional for past 3 + years & I always stick to ORANGE & BLACK.”

Taz kept his tweet up, which you can check out below.

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