Terri Runnels Addresses Recent Airport Gun Arrest (5/30/2019)

Terri Runnels Explains Carrying Gun At Airport, Talks About Arrest (Video)

As noted yesterday, former WWE diva Terri Runnels was arrested at the Tampa Airport for carrying a concealed yet loaded handgun for her flight. In a video posted on Twitter, Runnels explained why she was packing heat at the airport.

In the video, Runnels explained that she went to visit her mother and she packs her gun because her mom has armadillos and other critters around her home that ruin the garden and go after the chickens.

Runnels says that she was with her mother for a week and a half and only got 8 hours of asleep over the previous three days and it did not cross her mind her that her gun was still in her bag.

She added that she has never been in trouble her whole life and it was a “simple mistake” as she simply forgot about the weapon.

Check out the full video featuring Terri Runnels addressing her recent arrest below.

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