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The Bloodline Attack Paul Heyman On WWE Smackdown After He Refuses To Acknowledge Solo Sikoa

With Roman Reigns on hiatus, The Bloodline led by Solo Sikoa has turned on and seemingly kicked Paul Heyman out of the group. Last night on Smackdown, Heyman was attacked by the members of the Bloodline and put through a table after he refused to acknowledge Sikoa as his Tribal Chief.

Sikoa spent much of the show messing with Heyman and at one point claimed that he took the Wise Man’s advice and concluded that Jacob Fatu was too dangerous to remain in the Bloodline and thus would not be in the building for the Acknowledge Ceremony. However, Sikoa ultimately revealed that he lied to Heyman and Fatu was indeed in the Bloodline and at the ceremony. Sikoa then went through each of the members – Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa and Fatu all of whom acknowledged him as their Tribal Chief. When it came to Heyman, he refused and then was consequently attacked by the group and put through the table.

These series of events appear to be setting up for the return of Roman Reigns as a babyface to feud against Solo Sikoa and his new group. Sikoa has taken over leading the Bloodline in Reigns’ absence and last week even told Heyman that Roman would not be returning.

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