The Young Bucks Would Love To Have A Singles Match Against Each Other At Some Point

Top AEW Stars and the company’s EVP The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) recently appeared on an episode of the Swerve City podcast to discuss a variety of topics including Nick Jackson saying that he and Matt Jackson never really had the aspiration of being singles wrestlers as well as how he doesn’t want to ever do a show without his brother.

Nick Jackson said:

“We’ve never really had the aspiration of being singles wrestlers. That’s a big thing. We always aspired to be a tag team. We saw the Hardys do it most of their career and thought, ‘maybe we can do a career with each other.’ Honestly, it makes it so much easier traveling with him. I don’t want to do a show without him. I don’t want to get on a plane by myself.”

Matt Jackson also talked about how he and Nick Jackson started their pro wrestling careers as singles wrestlers.

Matt Jackson said:

“When we first started our careers, we were singles wrestlers. It was one of those happenstance moments where promoters booked us as a tag team, and it clicked and everyone wanted us as a tag team. We were kind of against it at first, ‘I want to wear red and call myself Mr. Instant Replay, he wants to wear blue and call himself Slick Nick. We’re not The Young Bucks.’ It was almost forced upon us, ‘no, you’re the Young Bucks.’ We were getting more bookings and more buzz. It was one of those things of, why are we going against what everyone wants? It became to the point where it was undeniable, more marketability and more chances that we’re going to succeed. At the time, there weren’t many tag teams blowing up. ‘Maybe this is our way in to get the push that we want. We’re not doing it as singles, it ain’t happening. Let’s try this way.’ It started happening. ‘Let’s stop fighting this and do it.’”

Nick Jackson then talked about how he would love to have a Singles Match against Matt Jackson at some point on Dynamite, but just for one night and not a feud.

Nick Jackson said:

“I would like to do a singles match at some point on Dynamite. I think it’d be fun and fans would like it. We don’t need a feud, just a random singles match at some point. I wouldn’t want to feud. Let’s just have fun, one night only. I don’t know how it would work, maybe in a tournament setting.”

You can check out Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson’s full comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes.

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