This Week’s WWE Monday Night Deemed Major Success; Note on Backstage Segments

— Last night’s WWE Raw in Hartford, CT was believed to the most successful show int the city in WWE history. The show was reported to be completely sold out and WWE even opened up partially obstructed seats due to the high demand. With the increased ticket prices coupled with literally every seat sold out, this would make yesterday’s Raw drawing the largest all-time gate in Hartford.

— PWInsider.com reports that a number of talents commented that they had a lot of fun working last night in front of the Hartford crowd as the engagement from the fans surprised them as Hartford is not considered a rowdy audience like Montreal or New York City. It was suggested that the older arena led to a more old school feel as there were not only more signs in attendance but that the fact that the venue didn’t have screens hanging from the middle of the arena, fans had no choice but to focus on the action in the ring rather than watching along on the screen.

— Many of the backstage segments that were shown as taking place “live” with wrestlers walking out to the ring after they aired were actually taped 20-40 minutes before they aired, according to pwinsider.com. This would generally be considered as being taped later than usual and was chalked up as happening due to the late changes to the show as reported earlier.

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