Thunder Rosa Discusses Maki Itoh

A current member of the NWA, WOW, and All Elite Wrestling rosters recently sat down for an interview with Fightful. One time NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa spoke with the site, a discussed a few different topics, including her past feud with Maki Itoh. Rosa reflected on working with Itoh in another promotion, and explained:

“Two years ago, we had a little feud. You can go on Youtube and see the promo we had. There’s a lot of chemistry. That’s where I took the Tokyo Joshi Pro International Princess Championship from her hands. My favorite part is when she was crying for like two minutes after. We had a couple of cool moments, so she wasn’t a stranger for me. At Revolution we had a cool opener, so that was a lot of fun. I was like ‘what?’ (surprised that she was there).”

Thunder Rosa, who teamed with Riho in a loss to Britt Baker and Itoh during last Sunday’s Revolution Buy-In, continued to speak about Maki, specifically her character. Rosa spoke about the 25 year old actress, model, and wrestler’s abilities, saying:

“She sings in Japanese and I’ll sing in English, but I’d dance better than her. Just don’t tell her, though. She’s very popular in America. I remember three years ago when she came to New York, I knew who she was, and she’s something else on Twitter. I started to know her and the things she used to do, and I thought she brought something completely different from the business. I met her and saw what she does. She’s very charismatic. Charisma sells a lot more than great matches. I know great wrestlers with zero charisma, and can’t sell tickets. She can sell tickets. She got people talking, she gets people pissed.”

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(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)

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