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Thunder Rosa Reportedly Has Major Backstage Heat With Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

— On this week’s AEW Dynamite, it was announced that Thunder Rosa would not be defending her women’s title at All Out. Amid rumors that she was suspended, an injury was cited as the reason that was later reported to be a disc issue in her back. However, while that injury is legit, it appears there is more to the story as reports that Rosa has heat “with a significant portion” of the people in the women’s division.

— First reported by Voices of Wrestling and confirmed in this report, Rosa and Britt Baker apparently can’t stand each other and it’s been this way for over a year but the two have done their best to remain professional and work through any differences that they may have. However, Jamie Hayter also now has heat with Rosa after getting her nose broken in a recent match on August 5, adding to Rosa’s reputation of working stiff and the source of much of the heat backstage. The report goes on to say that despite this, the feelings on Rosa are mixed backstage with some noting that she has worked hard to help get other young talent booked with others arguing that she has developed an ego along with being difficult to work with.

— The Voices of Wrestling podcast also reported an incident – not corroborated by other sources – where Thunder Rosa apparently hid in a bathroom “all day” after the Hayter botched spot, apparently worried that Hayter was going to find her backstage and retaliate. This story went on to say that there are major issues in the AEW locker room from top to bottom and that things are “ugly” and a total mess.

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