TMZ Report: Bray Wyatt Died During Sleep; Was Not Wearing External Heart Defibrillator

Remembering WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt: A Tragic Loss

Bray Wyatt, known to the world as Windham Rotunda, bid farewell to us last week at the young age of 36. The wrestling community and his fans were devastated by his sudden passing due to a heart attack. This incident sheds light on the underlying heart-related issues that Wyatt had been grappling with for months. The struggle was further exacerbated by his prior battle with COVID-19 earlier this year, a battle that had already placed both his career and his life in jeopardy.

TMZ’s Insights into Bray Wyatt’s Passing

Last Thursday marked the somber day when Bray Wyatt passed away. In a heartbreaking scenario, he had informed his girlfriend, JoJo Offerman, that he was going to take a nap. The concern arose when Wyatt’s alarm persisted for an hour without interruption. Offerman rushed to the bedroom, only to discover Wyatt unresponsive, his breathing ceased, and his skin blue. Prompt action was taken as she dialed 911 while her mother initiated CPR. Medical professionals transported him to a hospital, where he was declared deceased.

A Battle Fought: Complications from COVID-19

Wyatt’s struggle had been ongoing and complex. As a consequence of his battle with COVID-19, he faced complications that had a profound impact on his health. Specifically, his heart suffered, leaving the lower part weakened. The gravity of the situation was evident as Wyatt was advised to wear an external heart defibrillator to safeguard against potential cardiac events. Over the past few months, Wyatt’s hospital visits were frequent, with his most recent admission just the previous week. Post a follow-up consultation with his physician, it was advised that Wyatt continue using the defibrillator. However, the tragic event that led to his passing revealed that he was not wearing the device when the cardiac episode occurred. Disturbingly, the defibrillator was later located in his car, parked in the driveway, though it remains uncertain whether its usage could have altered the outcome.

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