TNA Against All Odds

TNA Against All Odds PPV Results – June 14, 2024 – Chicago, IL


Tom Hanifan and Matthew Rehwoldt welcomed us to Chicago.

They noted the PPV was sold out.  That is legit.

Jade Chung is the ring announcer.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Sami Callihan.

Gresham’s masks are awesome.

The ref wore a mask as he didn’t want to be infected by Gresham’s Octopus ink.

They began brawling around the ring before the bell.  Gresham was run into the ring post.  He went for a powerbomb on the floor but Gresham used the ropes to block it and fought his way free.   Gresham snapped Callihan’s fingers several times.  He attempted to do it a third time but was drilled with a right hand.  He went for a powerslam but was shoved shoulder-first into the ring post.  Callihan’s arm was attacked and they kept fighting around ringside.  Where’s security?  Atlas Security would have prevented this madness!

Callihan nailed a suplex on the floor.  The Chicagoans chanted “Death Machine.”  Gresham was rossed in the ring but rolled back out before Callihan could enter.  Gresham went under the ring but when Callihan pulled up the ring apron to follow, his arm was yanked underneath, where it hit against something.  Gresham tossed Sami into the ring and the bell FINALLY rang.

Gresham attacked Callihan’s arm.   Callihan fought back with his right hand since the left arm was hurt.   Callihan nailed a legdrop.  Gresham cam back but KUSHIDA came out, masked, and wiped some of the inky substance from Gresham’s mask and left with a vial.  Callihan used the distraction to hit the Cactus Piledriver and score the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

A fun little brawl with an ending that was more storyline advancement than anything else.  A little surprising to see Gresham lose clean this early into his new storyline.

They aired video footage of Jordynne Grace’s recent adventures in NXT to set up tonight’s Open Challenge.

They then showed video foootage of Matt Hardy vs. Moose.

Gia Miller interviewed The System.  Moose said he was going to be done with Matt Hardy tonight after being embarassed last night at the Hardy Compound.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards vs. The Hex

Masha and Bell started out.  The Hex had control early.  Alisha tagged in and hit a corner splash on Kay.  The crowd chanted, “F- The System.”  The Champions controlled Kay with Masha hitting several short arm clotheslines.  Edwards and Bell make the tag and Belle hits a nice series of offensive maneuvers, including a double knee in the corner.

Slamovich got involved but was hit with a Kay spinebuster.  Edwards nailed Kay but was hit with a Stroke by Belle.  The Hex tried to double-team Edwards but she broke free and slapped the hell out of Kay.  The challengers dougle-teamed Edwards and hit Hex Marks the Spot but Masha broke up the pinfall.  She looked to be a millisecond off and the crowd chanted “That was three.”

Edwards powerbombed Kay.   The champs double-teamed Belle with a bulldog off the ropes and scored the pin.

Your winners and still Champions, Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards!


Mike Santana & Steve Maclin vs. The Rascalz.

Santana came out through the crowd, alone.  Maclin came out through the usual entrance.

Santana and Zach Wentz kicked us off.  Wentz tried to shoulderblock him down but Santana ran through him.   Santana used a series of armdrags and almost nailed a spinning backfist but Wentz moved and they faced off.  Maclin and Miguel tagged in.   The Rascalz took control and worked over Santana, nailing a double dropkick.    Santana was worked over for some time.  Maclin tagged in but he too was beat down by Wentz and Miguel as they tagged in and out.  Miguel really took the fight to Maclin.

Maclin fought his way out of the corner but was prevented from making the tag.  Maclin finally made it and Santana attacked with big chops and intense strikes.  Santana nailed an X-Factor and used a stacked double-team DDT on The Rascalz for a two count.  Santana nailed a Cutter.  Maclin nailed a Psycho Knee on Wentz but Miguel broke up the pinfall.  Santana and Miguel battled on the floor.  Wentz cut off Maclin on the top.  The Rascalz set up some nice double-team moives but Maclin kicked out at the last second.

With Santana down on the floor, Maclin tried to fight against the odds (pun intended) but was taken out.  Santana made the save at the last second, getting a nice ovation from the crowd and the first TNA chant of the night from the action in the ring.  All four battled.  Wentz tried to blind Maclin with the spraypaint can but got walloped.  Santana and Maclin drilled them in the corner.  Santana hit the Cinder Block and scored the pin.

Your winners, Mike Santana and Steve Maclin!

Very good, well worked, hard fought tag team bout.

The crowd encouraged Santana and Maclin to hug.  Maclin offered his hand and eventually Santana took it and they hugged, showing each other respect.

They ran down the lineup.  As we mentioned earlier, PCO vs. Rich Swann has been added.

Matt Hardy cut a promo backstage, promising to become the TNA Champion.  He promised to make The System Obsolete and would DELETE Moose in their Broken Rules match.

PCO vs. Rich Swann with Digital Media Champion AJ Francis

The crowd was all over Francis when he cut a promo before the bout.  It was all PCO early untl Francis interfered.  Swann hit a 450 splash off the apron to the floor.  Swannn choked PCO against the ropes.  PCO was worked over for a long time but he nailed Swann and then Francis when he tried to interfere.  PCO hit a flip dive to the floor on Francis.  He then hit a moonsault for the pin.

Your winner, PCO!

Steph De Lander came out to give PCO a response to his love letter.  This is the best Canadian Melodrama since Degrassi Junior High!  She said that clearly everyone wanted to know the answer to his note.  The crowd wanted her to say yes.  Her answer is she’ll go on a date with him.  I hope she’s going to be dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein!

Matt Rehwoldt said she had her entire life ahead of her and she’s throwing it away on a corpse.  Great line.

TNA Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers vs. Nic & Ryan Nemeth.

Dirty Dango showed up at ringside and pointed out Alisha trying to interfere, so she was ejected.  Is this all a plot to add Dango to The System?  We shall see soon enough.

The Champions cut off Nic and they spent some time tagging in and out, scoring near falls.  Ryan tagged in but the champs continued the assault.  Ryan nailed a sunset flip on Myers but Edwards immediately attacked him from behind.  Myers and Ryan cracked heads and were both down.  Moose ran out to rally Myers, who tagged Edwards.  Nic tagged in and nailed an elbow on Edwards for a two count.  he went for a Famouser but Eddie caught him.  Nemeth nailed a rana and finally hit The Famouser for a two count.

Nic was caught and nailed with the Backpack Stunner/flying elbow from the champs but kicked out at the last second.  They went to double-team Nic but Ryan grabbed Eddie’s leg.  Nic went for the Danger Zone but Eddie held on.  Nic superkicked Myers.  He nailed Danger Zone on Eddie.  The referee went to count the pin but someone pulled the referee out.  Moose and Dango blamed each other.  Nic dove down on Moose.  Dango drilled Ryan, turning heel, setting up the pinfall.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions, The System!

Good match.  The Dango turn worked.  It made sense to move him into a more prominent role.

Gia Miller interviewed ABC.  They were asked about the team after losing to The Nemeths last night.  Ace Austin said she knows him and he doesn’t deal with luck.  They are going to win tonight and get their Tag Team title rematch.  Bey said they teamed for the first time two years ago against pillars of the company and tonight they will do it again.

They showed Jordynne Grace backstage getting stitches in her ear after getting earrings ripped out on the TNA PPV.

Joe Hendry with Ace Steel vs. Frankie Kazarian 

Joe said there was speculation as to whether he was going to show up tonight, but he chose to be in Chicago and TNA.  He said he’s facing a TNA legend in Kazarian, then said he looks like a famous actor.  He said that he looks like Antonio Banderas, who had a hit in Desperado but may be hanging on too long.  He asked if Frankie was the dad from Spy Kids.

Some good back and forth wrestling early, as you’d likely expect,  Kazarian was slammed with authority and nailed with a delayed vertical suplex.  Kazarian cut him off and nailed a slingshot legdrop off the ropes for a two count.  He cinched on a guillotine choke but the crowd rallied Hendry, who escaped.  Kazarian went for a move off the ropes but was caught and hit with a Fall Away Slam.

Hendry went for the Standing Ovation but Kaz blocked and went for the Crossface Chicken Wing.  Hendry blocked but was almost pinned several times.   Hendery escaped Fade to Black and went for a powerbomb.  Kazarian escaped but Hendry nailed a pop-up powerbomb for a two count.  Real good wrestling.  Hendry went for a belly to back suplex from the outside into the ring but Kazarian scored the pin.  It turned out Kaz hit him with a foreign object – the old Tito Santana vs. Randy Savage finish when Savage won the Intercontinental title.

Your winner. Frankie Kazarian!

Kazarian attacked and locked Hendry in the chicken wing but Ace Steel hit the ring.  Fans were chanting for Steel to bite him.  Kaz disrespected Steel and shoved him, so Steel slugged him.

I am guessing Steel returning to the ring in our near future.

X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali vs. Trent Seven

Seven said that he wanted to show everyone the footage of what happened after Ali’s interview with Tom Hannifan ended.  It was Ali berating Campaign Singh and crapping on Chicago before crapping on the X-Division title.  The audio was off and the crowd chanted, “What he say?”

Ali was furious and Seven took advantage of him being thrown off early, working him over on the floor.   Seven nailed rapid-fire chops on the floor.   Seven worked over Ali and went for a German suplex but Ali fought out of it and nailed a DDT off the ropes.  Ali nailed a dive to the floor but Seven shoved him backwards into the ring apron.  Seven nailed a Dragon suplex on the floor.

Seven nailed a twisting dive off the ropes but Ali moved out of the way.  Seven’s knee was bothering him, allowing to attack with a charging kick.  Ali worked him over but caught in the corner and slammed in the center for a two count.  Seven nailed several hard chops but Ali nailed him in the corner, then followed up with a rolling neckbreaker.

They battled back and forth with chops.  Ali drove his knee into the canvas from the ropes.  Seven fought back and nailed a Dragon Suplex. Seven nailed a sit-out powerbomb for a two count.  Ali lowblowed Seven and nailed a lariat for a two count.  The crowd chanted it was three.  They battled to the top but Ali escaped and superkicked Seven.  Ali went for a move but Seven turned it into a driver off the ropes for a close two count.  The crowd chanted for TNA.  Very good match.

They battled againn to the top.  They drilled each other with punches and knocked the other from the top, each crashing to the floor after bouncing off the apron.  They were each almost counted out.  Seven rolled in at 9 but didn’t realize Ali was on the top and pounced with a 450 splash off the top across Seven’s back.  Seven somehow still kicked up.

Ali grabbed the X-Division title and brought it into the ring.  The referee took it away, and Ali went to grab Seven.  Seven lowblowed Ali and nailed a Burning Hammer for a two count.   Ali tried to escape but was pulled back into the ring.  Seven drilled him across the back and set up for a top rope Burning Hammer.  Ali raked his face and Seven crashed to the mat.  Ali nailed a 450 splash to the legs and locked on a Sharpshooter.  Seven tapped.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali!

They played it up as if Ali was sending a message to Speedball Mike Bailey, who is Canadian.

Really damn good match.

Kazarian ripped on Ace Steel.  Santino Marella made a Chicago Street Fight between Kazarian and Steel.

ABC vs. Josh Alexander & Eric Young

Real good wrestling early from Alexander and Chris Bey.  Austin tagged in and there was more back and forth wrestling.  Bey tagged back in.  Bey caught Alexander with a double stomp but was caught with a shot to the mid-section.  Young tagged in but was taken down with an armdrag.  Austin tagged in but Young drilled him.  Young was taken off his feet and ABC double-teamed him with a double hiposs and a dropkick for a two count.

Lots of good action here.  Alexander tagged in and his sequences with Bey were lots of fun.  He caught Bey and nailed a big release suplex.  The crowd chanted for Alexander.  Young tagged in but Bey kept kicking out.  Bey and Josh grabbed each other’s, well, nuts and squeezed.  Double testicular claws!   Alexander got the better of the exchange.

They went into a series of dives.   Alexander went for a DVDR off the ropes with Austin on his shouler but Austin elbowed his way out of it.  Austin drilled Young with a kick frm the apron.  Austin nailed a rana off the top.  He went for a kick but Alexander grabbed his ankle.  Austin rolled through and backed Alexander into a Bey kick.  Bey drilled him and scored a two count.

Alexander was grabbed by Austin, who climbed on his back.  Bey went to help but Alexander suplexed him over and took out Ace at the same time.  ABC took out Young and scored a two count.  Alexander nailed some great offense but was caught with a springboard kick off the ropes.  Bey went for a springboard into a rana but was caught and driven into a backbreaker for a two count.  They are all wrestling their asses off.

Young nailed a flying elbow on Bey after he was struck with the rolling senton.  ABC nailed The Fold and pinned Young.

Your winners, ABC!

A real damn good tag team bout with the right team going over.  ABC got more out of this win than Josh and Young would have and it builds their story that they needed to rebound after last night’ TV loss.

They plugged the Total Nonstop Summer tour and the upcoming dates.

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace’s Open Challenge vs. WWE NXT’s Tatum Paxley

I wish TNA could have advertised Paxley and gotten a few extra PPV buys off the crossover, but hopefully they will at least get some replay buys.

Before Paxley appeared, there were some chants for Tessa Blanchard.

Before the match could begin, Ash by Elegance’s concierge showed up and said that despite what happened at NXT, they have decided not to prosecute and press charges.  Ash will sit and watch the match.  She sat in the entrance.

They locked up and Grace muscled Paxley into the corner several times but Grace broke clean.  Grace went to rebound off the ropes but Paxley went to the mat like she was Antonio Inoki kicking at Muhammad Ali.  Grace took control and locked her up on the mat, cinching him in a Camel Clutch.  Paxley bit her to get out of the move.

Paxley went to the floor and under the ring to escape Grace.  Grace looked around for her.  Ash pointed out she was under the ring.  Grace looked underneath but was snatched and pulled into the beams under the ring.  Paxley tried to suplex her on the floor but Grace blocked it.  Paxley shoved her into the ring post and tossed her into the ring. Paxley tried to set up for her finisher, the Psychotrip but Grace blocked it.  Grace went for a move but was caught in a Maple Leaf.  Grace battled back but had her legs kicked out from under her when going for a Vader Bomb off the ropes.  Grace came back to nail it for a two count.

Grace went for the Juggernaut Driver.  It was blocked.  They battled to the ropes. Grace nailed the Muscle Buster for a two count.  She followed up with a palm strike.  They went into a series of near falls.  Paxley was slapped across the mush.  They battled again to the ropes.  Paxley nailed a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes, called The Lobotomy, for a two count.  Paxley ripped at Grace’s ears, playing off the stitches, which was a really smart idea.

Grace drilled her with shot after shot.  Grace drilled her with more but was snatched in a guillotine choke.  I thought they were going to do a TKO finish for a second.  Grace powered up and hit the Juggernaut Jackhammer for a close near fall.  Paxley nailed a back fist for a two count.  Grace nailed one of her own and hit the Juggernaut Driver for the pin.

Your winner and still Champion Jordynne Grace!

Ash by Elegance hit the ring and attacked Jordynne, who made a comeback with a spinebuster.  She tossed Ash to the floor and ran off the Concierge.   She poured a wine bottle over Ash.

They plugged the Slammiversary PPV in Montreal.

Broken Rules – TNA Champion Moose vs. Matt Hardy

Moose was revealed to be sitting in a throne for his entrance.  The System was with him but The Nemeths attacked and they brawled to the back.  Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on the floor early.  He shoved Moose back into the ring.  Moose rolled out and grabbed a trash can lid, smashing Hardy with it in the head several times.  Alisha Edwards tossed several chairs into the ring.   Moose slammed Hardy over a trash can on the floor.

Moose beat him with chairs over and over.  He pulled a ladder out from under the ring.  Moose drilled Hardy on the floor across the back with chairs.  Moose went for a powerbomb in the ring but Hardy lowblowed him and smashed him across the back with the chair several times.  They battled into the crowd, where Hardy nailed Moose with a trash can.  Hardy went for a Twist of Fate but Moose blocked and slammed Hardy into a wall.    Moose went for a powerbomb but Hardy backdropped him on the floor.

Moose crawled back to the ringside area, but Hardy caught up with him.  Hardy choked Moose against the ring post.   Hardy suplexed Moose and went to the ropes and dropped an elbow for a two count.   Moose caught Hardy and nailed a big uranage for a two count.    Moose pulled a table out from under the ring and set it up in the corner.  Moose set up for a spear through the table but Matt escaped.  Moose nailed him with a chair.  They battled to the to.  Moose nailed a superplex into a pile of chairs.    Hardy kicked up at the last second.

Moose set up a collection of chairs facing each other and set Matt for another superplex but Matt slipped under and powerbombed Moose through the chairs for a close two count.  Hardy pulled a cardboard box out from under the ring.  Hardy went to open it but Moose smashed him with a trash can lid.  Moose looked in the box and smiled before pulling out a football helmut.  He put it on and charged for a tackle but was backdropped over the top through a ladder that was leaning against the ring.  The ladder broke under the force of the bump, which looked gnarly.

Hardy set up a ladder outside.  He pulled out another table, then another ladder.  He pulled out a Chicago Bears helmut and nailed Moose with it.  The crowd chanted, I kid you not, “CTE”, which was disgusting.  Moose was placed on the top and Hardy nailed a legdrop off the ladder through the table.  Chicago chanted, “Holy sh**.:”

Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate on Moose while a chair was around his neck.  Alisha attacked Hardy with a Singapore Cane.  Reby Hardy came out and faced off.  he took down Alisha but was hit with the Cane.  Reby nailed the Twist of Fate.  Hardy went to spear Moose through the table but Moose pulled Reby in front and she took a big bump.  Moose speared Matt and pinned him clean.

Your winner and still TNA Champion, Moose!

They gave you everything they could give physically.

The System celebrated in the ring as Matt checked on his wife the corner.  They all turned and attacked Matt.  Edwards shoved Reby hard to the mat.  Hardy covered his wife to protect her.  Nic and Ryan Nemeth tried to help but were taken down.  Joe Hendry, with music, hit th ring but was taken down as well.

The Hardy’s music hit and out came Jeff Hardy with a painted up chair.  He hit the ring and took out everyone with it.  Jeff and Matt hit Twist of Fates on Moose.  Jeff nailed a Swanton Bomb on Moose.

Jeff and Matt embraces as Tom Hannifan declared Jeff Hardy is back in TNA.

All the babyfaces celebrated as the fans chanted TNA.  All the babyfaces did the DELETE deal with Matt as they went off the air.

A frenzied, fun ending to the show.

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