TNA Impact on AXS TV Recap – April 18, 2024

It’s the last stop on the road to Rebellion, an all-new TNA iMPACT! is on the air.

Hammerstone vs. Guido w/ Ray Jaz & Zack Clayton

Josh Alexander joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary. This Saturday at Rebellion, Alexander and Hammerstone settle the score in a Last Man Standing match. But first, Hammerstone goes one-on-one with pro wrestling veteran, Guido! Hammerstone is in total control as he sends Guido to the outside. Hammerstone provokes Clayton at ringside, allowing Guido to gain the momentary advantage. Back in the ring, Hammerstone shuts him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Hammerstone taunts Alexander as he places his headgear on Guido, then forces him to submit to the Torture Rack.

Hammerstone def. Guido w/ Ray Jaz & Zack Clayton

After the match, Hammerstone and Alexander stare each other down as Rebellion approaches.

Ash By Elegance may not be competing for the Knockouts World Championship at Rebellion but The Personal Concierge reveals that she will be at ringside for the match between Jordynne Grace and Steph De Lander. Personal Concerige says that Ash will be waiting on the other side for her title opportunity when Xia Brookside interrupts. Much to the chagrin of Ash, Brookside reveals that they have a rematch next week on iMPACT!

Due to a recent injury, Matt Cardona will be unable to accompany Steph De Lander at Rebellion. Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace knows that Steph will still have a trick up her sleeve – but so will she.

Joe Hendry vs. LSG

Before Joe Hendry squares off with former friend Rich Swann at Rebellion, he takes to the ring for singles action tonight! Hendry puts his strength on display with a big press slam. Hendry hits a delayed Standing Ovation to score the dominant victory.

Joe Hendry def. LSG

The Motor City Machine Guns have had a bumpy road to tonight’s TNA World Tag Team Title match against The System.

Cody Deaner asks the fans if he and Jake Something should go 2-on-3 against Mustafa Ali and the Grizzled Young Vets – or if they should team with someone who has a bone to pick with Ali, the “Man Beast” Rhino! The fans have spoken.

X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali & Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs. Jake Something, Cody Deaner & Rhino

Jake Something will get his hands on Mustafa Ali ahead of their X-Division Title match at Rebellion, it’s six-man tag team action right here, right now! Rhino sends Drake over the top rope to the floor with a back body drop. Deaner takes Ali down with Thesz Press. Ali delivers a thumb to the eye, allowing the Grizzled Young Vets to double team Deaner. Deaner tries to fight his way out of the corner but gets caught with a neckbreaker from Ali. Deaner creates some much-needed separation with a clothesline. Deaner is about to make the tag but Drake dropkicks Something off the apron. Deaner breaks free and tags in Rhino. Gibson counters the Gore. Something quickens the pace and runs right through GYV. Drake saves Ali from the wrath of Something as he gets taken down with three dives to the outside. Rhino Gores Drake. Deaner takes down Ali and Gibson with a double running bulldog. Moments later, Ali puts Deaner away with the 450 Splash.

X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali & Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) def. Jake Something, Cody Deaner & Rhino

After the match, Ali narrowly escapes Something once again.

Steve Maclin vows to make his presence felt this Saturday at Rebellion.

Eric Young needs to reach into his past at Rebellion when he battles Frankie Kazarian in Full Metal Mayhem.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Jody Threat w/ Dani Luna vs. Rosemary w/ Havok

It’s all about momentum as Rosemary battles one half of the Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Jody Threat. Spitfire and Decay will collide for the TNA World Tag Team Titles this Saturday on Countdown to Rebellion streaming LIVE & FREE on TNA’s digital platforms. Threat launches Rosemary out of the corner with a suplex. Rosemary turns the tide with a single leg dropkick. Rosemary bites her in the corner, then locks in the Upside Down. Rosemary hits a German suplex for two. Rosemary locks in another submission but Threat makes it to the bottom rope. Moments later, Threat almost puts her away with a big clothesline. Rosemary is rising but Threat sends her back down with a running crossbody. Luna and Havok are both up on the apron. Rosemary capitalizes off the distraction with the Spear to win.

Rosemary w/ Havok def. Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Jody Threat w/ Dani Luna

Jonathan Gresham is ashamed that he has gone unheard for years – open and vulnerable, it was humiliating – but it doesn’t have to be.

TNA World Tag Team Champions The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/ Alisha Edwards vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) – TNA World Tag Team Championship

The Motor City Machine Guns are back on the same page as they challenge The System in a first-time-ever TNA World Tag Team Title match! The winners will move on to Rebellion where Speedball Mountain is waiting in the wings. The Guns are in control as they take Eddie down with double Dragon Screw leg whips in the corner. Sabin and Shelley lock in a pair of Figure Fours on their opponents. Alisha trips Shelley from the outside, then slaps him in the face. The distraction allows The System to turn the tide. Minutes later, Shelley plants Myers face-first into the corner turnbuckle as he rolls through and tags in Sabin. Sabin soars with a double crossbody to take The System down. Sabin hits Eddie with a running dropkick for two. Sabin dives through the ropes with a shot of adrenaline, colliding with Eddie and Myers on the floor. Sabin dropkicks The System into innovative offense from Shelley. Sabin inadvertently superkicks Shelley. The System drop Sabin with a Backpack Stunner elbow drop combo for a very close near fall. Alisha slows up Shelley on the top rope. Myers sends Sabin crashing into his own partner. Myers hits the Roster Cut on Sabin, followed by the Boston Knee Party from Eddie to win.

TNA World Tag Team Champions The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) w/ Alisha Edwards def. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) – TNA World Tag Team Championship

We Hear from Nic Nemeth

Just 48 hours before Nic Nemeth challenges Moose for the TNA World Championship at Rebellion, we hear from the “Wanted Man” inside the 2300 Arena. Nemeth pays homage to a hardcore legend, Sandman, as he drinks beer amongst the fans. Nemeth is addressing the iMPACT! Zone when he’s immediately interrupted by the TNA World Champion, Moose. Moose tells Nemeth that throughout his career, he’s never been able to beat “The System”. Nemeth fires back and says that everyone would love to see him become the new TNA World Champion at Rebellion and that he’s here to stay in TNA. Moose calls Nemeth a choke artist. Nemeth admits that he’s doubted himself in the past – but right now, he’s the best he’s ever been. Nemeth vows to walk out of the Palms with the TNA World Championship as Moose backs off.

TNA iMPACT! goes off the air.

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