Todd Pettengill Says He Hopes To Make More NXT Appearances

At last night’s NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Todd Pettengill returned to WWE television, and brought his own form of nostalgia to the event.

During the show, Pettengill served as the host, interviewed Superstars backstage, and participated in a Karate Fighters game against Dexter Lumis.

After the event, Todd spoke to Alistair McGeorge of MetroUK after the show, and was asked whether he hopes to return soon. Pettengill explained:

“I’d love to – I’m available for whatever these guys need. We’ve had such a good relationship over the years, and really it’s a long time! Now that I’m done with the radio and my schedule’s a little freer it would be fun to help any way that I can. If it’s just the occasional pop-in that’s fine, if it’s something more regularly that’s great too!” he said. “You always miss it. It’s nice to do the content again. I feel like it’s sorta like riding a bike. You do it, you haven’t done it for a while but you still obviously remember. And once you start again you’re like, ah yeah, I remember this, this feels good!’”

(Via Fightful)

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