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Tommaso Ciampa On Future Of NXT Brand, TakeOver: Brooklyn IV & More

NXT World Champion Tommaso Ciampa recently spoke with the official WWE website for an interview ahead of his title defense at next weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV live special on the WWE Network. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On how it feels to become NXT World Champion: “It’s good to be champ, and right now, there truly is no debate. I am the champion of champions. I’m the main event. I’m untouchable. I, Tommaso Ciampa, am the greatest sports-entertainer of all time.”

On where his belief in saying he is the best sports-entertainer of all-time comes from: “I am a realist. I call it like I see it. I have the best physique in all of WWE; this is not by accident. I am the best in-ring performer in all of WWE; this is not happenstance. I am the best on the microphone in all of WWE; this is not a debate. I am your NXT World Champion. I am a god. You want something to believe in. Believe in me.”

On his claim to be a perfect role model for kids: “In a society that believes every child deserves a participation award, one man sets himself apart, and that man just so happens to be the NXT World Champion. I am not interested in participating. I am interested in winning. If you are teaching your child to be content with a participation award, then you already failed at life. If you want your kid to be a winner, then tell them to look at Tommaso Ciampa for inspiration.”

On where he sees the NXT brand going with him as World Champion: “With Tommaso Ciampa as its ruler, NXT has officially become the “A-show.” There is no ceiling. No boundaries. No limits. I am writing my own legacy, and I am carrying NXT along for the ride. When my mission is complete, kids will no longer dream of their WrestleMania Moment. Kids will dream of their ‘TakeOver Moment.'”

On what fans can expect from his title defense at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV: “Well, for starters, the NXT World Title will finally be defended in the main event of TakeOver again. Spoiler alert: I win.”

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