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Tommy Dreamer On Candice Michelle’s Retirement At HoH, His Vision & More

ECW Original and House Of Hardcore promoter Tommy Dreamer recently spoke with Kyle Stevens of Still Real To Us at the New York Comic Con event. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the reason why Candice Michelle is wrestling her last match for House Of Hardcore: “Another big thing for me is what I’m doing in December. We are sending off Candice Michelle. When you leave WWE, people think that you just disappear. I was blessed to have a nice farewell from WWE even though they brought me back. I’m giving Candice Michelle her last ever match. It really is her last ever match. She couldn’t believe I wanted to do that for her. I was like, ‘Hey! You were a person who came in as a Go Daddy girl. You knew nothing about wrestling and just fell into it. Then, you became a great in-ring talent and champion.’ I feel wrestling fans need closure for the character as well as the person herself who needs her own, personal closure.”

On his vision for the House Of Hardcore promotion: “For me, I want to show wrestling fans a variety. Something different. When you think about wrestling–there really is only one wrestling organization as opposed to baseball where there’s 30. The same goes for football, hockey or basketball. But you know what? They are all still playing the same game. I just want to show people my crazy vision of professional wrestling. We are coming up on House of Hardcore 34, 35 and 36. I’m enjoying this. I have now dedicated my life to doing it because I love it. The fans have been really, really appreciative of it. Now it’s also a business. I’m building a brand for it.”

On wrestling becoming increasingly popular at comic conventions: “It’s awesome. You know, it’s pretty funny. Back in the day, if you said you were a nerd or a geek, you were ostracized or bullied. Now, it’s cool to be a nerd or a geek and I love that. I always felt that the wrestling community was a bunch of nerds or geeks that all came together. Now, guess what? Wrestling is strong as can be. It’s the third most talked about thing on social media. It’s pretty crazy. I’m having a great time. I know on Thursday, we had about 170,000 people come through. I know on Saturday there were over 200,000 people! I like it. Everyone is all dressed up. I’ve seen Bullet Club t-shirts everywhere.”

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