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Tommy Dreamer Explains Why WWE Decided To Ban Pets From Being Backstage At Events

Former WWE Star “The Innovator Of Violence” Tommy Dreamer recently took to an episode of his House Of Hardcore podcast, where he talked about the time WWE decided to ban talents from bringing pets to the backstage area. “The Innovator Of Violence” Tommy Dream said that the backstage area at one point was “like a zoo” especially with animal feces and urine all over the locker room area.

Tommy Dreamer said:

“In WWE, there became a point where they banned animals from the back, because — and it was funny, it was always the women and there was locker rooms that were left horrible and there was one where they finally complained because there was poop left in the locker room, there was pee and the girls — because at one point it was like a zoo.”

Dreamer went on to reveal that four female wrestlers and one male wrestler brought their pets and the WWE banned it.

Tommy Dreamer said:

“I think four of the girls had animals and then one of the boys brought in one of his dogs and then WWE banned it.”

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