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Toni Storm Talks Her Experience In WWE NXT UK

Top AEW Star Toni Storm spoke with The Ringer on a number of topics such as how her time in WWE’s NXT UK was something special and how the experience she gained from the coaches she was able to work with in the WWE NXT UK Performance Center was unbelievable.

Toni Storm said:

“NXT UK was honestly something so special.” “The experience I gained from that was unbelievable. The coaches that I got to work with in the [NXT UK Performance Center were] amazing and it was a really good and unique introduction to WWE for me … I got to train with Johnny Saint, I got to train with Robbie Brookside, and Johnny Moss, and James Mason, and it was really wonderful.”

Toni Storm also spoke about when you are a champion, you are the leader of that division and you have to lead by example because you are the person everyone will turn to.

Toni Storm said:

“It doesn’t matter what company you’re with. When you’re a champion, you’re the leader of the division, the company, and a lot is expected of you. A lot is asked of you. You’re the guy that everyone’s going to turn to, and you have to lead by example.”

You can check out Toni Storm’s full comments at this link.

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