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Tony Khan Comments On Possibility Of Ricochet Joining AEW & Wrestling Will Ospreay, more

— AEW CEO Tony Khan was interviewed by TVInsider and one of the questions that was posed to him was his thoughts on current WWE star Ricochet and the possibility of him facing Will Ospreay. Khan deflected the question, declining to comment on a talent that was still legally bound to another company:

“If it’s okay, I’d rather not get into wrestlers that still work for someone else.”

— He was also asked about this year’s All In taking place in London and Khan thinks it will be even better than last year:

“Absolutely, I’m very excited for this show. It will be so great for AEW to return to Wembley Stadium. I’m more excited this year. I can not wait for this show. I would put this one with the great nights of my life along with Revolution this year. That’s how good 2024 has been. I think we’ll have our best show ever in Wembley this year. We already had it up to this point in Revolution. I thought top-to-bottom it was the best event we ever did, culminating in the greatest moment in AEW history. Sting’s retirement and walking into the sunset as a champion on top of his game. Having him reclaim his spot on top in wrestling after a comeback nobody thought was possible. That was probably my favorite moment in the business. I think Wembley will be great though. Certainly, last year’s Wembley All In and Revolution have been my two favorite memories in wrestling to this point. I think this year’s will be even better than last year.”

— On working with other promotions as WWE is now doing with TNA:

“Since we launched AEW we’ve been looking to work with great wrestling companies across the planet. The relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling developed in 2021 and built to the point where we teamed to do a co-branded event like Forbidden Door. We’re approaching the third one. It’s a whole new level of great cooperation between wrestling promotions to see the stars of CMLL and Stardom in addition to the great wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling competing with AEW stars.”

“I’m always open to working with great wrestling promotions all over the world. It feels like the spirit of cooperation in worldwide pro wrestling is greater than it has ever been, which is a big positive. Seeing the top stars of AEW go to Tokyo and compete at Wrestle Kingdom, I think that the fans can always count on AEW and New Japan to put on great collaborations. I think this year’s Forbidden Door will be one of the strongest shows any promotion will put anywhere in the world.”

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