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Tony Khan Gives Response To Konnan Publicly Criticizing His Booking Decisions In AEW

AEW President Tony Khan was a recent guest on the Wrestling Fetish podcast and fired back at lucha-libre legend Konnan, who criticized the young promoter for the booking decisions he has been making on AEW. Khan states that he gave AAA, where Konnan is a booker, their biggest money angle andTV ratings in 2019 when he wrote the Young Bucks and Lucha Bros storyline.

I think Konnan has called my booking into question, which I find very amusing. If I recall, the biggest money angle you [Konnan/AAA] had that entire year, I booked, I put that entire Lucha Brothers / Young Bucks program together, and set the whole outline to you, which I still have on my phone. That was your biggest TV show in 2019. So, if I don’t know what I’m doing, you don’t either.

He later adds that he never would have said those things about Konnan if he didn’t take shots at him first.

That being said, I do like Konnan and I would have never said anything like that if he hadn’t said anything about me. I like working with AAA and Konnan. I’ve also heard Konnan and Disco Inferno say stuff about me on their podcast, but our working relationship has always been good.

Check out the full interview here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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