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Tony Khan On Shane McMahon Coming To AEW: “I’ve Never Met Him Or Talked To Him In My Life”

— Earlier this week on an episode of “Grilling JR” with Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson, an intriguing topic was discussed – the possibility of former WWE executive Shane McMahon in AEW. After throwing out the scenario two weeks ago, Thompson revealed that a friend of his texted him randomly and suggested that the idea of Shane in AEW wasn’t as farfetched as it would see and that he had actually reached out to at least one wrestler in AEW and talked about coming in.

— In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that officials in both WWE and AEW stated that they had heard nothing about those rumors while others said they also didn’t hear anything apart from what Thompson and Ross discussed. Meltzer also reported that yet another person said that Shane and an ex-WWE wrestler who is currently in AEW simply chatted about the public attention it would garner if he came out on Dynamite but that it wasn’t a case of McMahon pitching or angling to come in, rather it was simply a casual conversation that Thompson got wind of.

— AEW CEO Tony Khan released a statement to the Observer on Shane McMahon, simply saying: “I’ve never met him or talked to him in my life.”

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