Tony Khan Post-AEW Full Gear Media Scrum Video Archive (11/9/2019)

Tony Khan Reveals Why He Hasn’t Updated AEW’s Power Rankings

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan spoke with ComicBook’s Connor Casey on a number of topics such as why he hasn’t been able to update the company’s power rankings since this past August 31st.

Tony Khan said:

“I haven’t updated it lately because I think so much has been fluid, coming out of the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions in particular.” “It’s a fluid situation coming out of Grand Slam and I think now I’m reevaluating it and quite possibly (I) could bring them back soon, but certainly made a lot of changes for the better that led to our best ratings of the year in many ways because we really zoned in and have had, I think, a lot of our best shows in recent months.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s comments at this link.

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