Tony Khan

Tony Khan Says Eddie Kingston Would Make Good AEW Champion, Talks AEW Full Gear PPV

AEW President Tony Khan was the latest guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast to talk all things pro-wrestling and hype this weekend’s Full Gear pay per view. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On MJF possibly joining the Inner Circle faction with Chris Jericho:

The Inner Circle possibly with MJF as a member is unthinkable, and the Inner Circle definitely would be the biggest force, not just in AEW, but I think the Inner Circle would be the talk of professional wrestling.

His thoughts on the FTR versus Young Bucks tag team championship match:

This babyface team and this heel team, it’s been built up and talked about for years, long before there was an AEW, long before I knew I was gonna get into the wrestling business, and I’m just really proud that AEW’s promoting this match and that we’re having it here.

Believes Eddie Kingston could be a great AEW champion:

Since he came in this Summer, he’s become one of the top people in AEW and one of the top people in wrestling, and he’s very effective as a wrestler; he’s very effective as a speaker; he’s very effective as a leader; and I think he could be a great champion for us.

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