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Tony Khan Talks About AEW Departure Of Cody Rhodes

As noted, Tony Khan recently appeared as a guest on the Grapsody podcast from Fightful for an in-depth interview covering all things All Elite Wrestling.

In addition to the highlights we previously published from the interview here on the website, the AEW and ROH President also spoke about the AEW departure of Cody Rhodes.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

On how losing Cody Rhodes had a major impact backstage and on-screen: “It was, certainly, whenever you lose a star the caliber of Cody Rhodes, it’s going to have a major impact on your company and affect a number of different departments and number of different things in terms of the presentation and the backstage. Personally, I really like Cody and I know Cody really well and he was so involved in so many different facets with the start of AEW and what we were. When he left, that was a major challenge.”

On how when Cody Rhodes left AEW was helped by the great stories they continued to tell: “Going into Revolution, we had so many great stories and I think it helped us and helped keep us strong that people were so invested in what was happening in AEW at the time.”

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