Tony Khan Talks AEW Creative Process; Takes Subtle Shot at Vince McMahon

— AEW President & CEO Tony Khan spoke to Forbes where he discussed his early years as a fan of wrestling, the birth of AEW as well as interesting comments regarding the creative process in his promotion. Regarding the latter, Khan spoke of some wrestlers who help him with creative while also taking a shot at the process in WWE where Vince McMahon is known to rip up the script the day of Raw:

“When we started AEW Dynamite in October 2019, I had never officially written a wrestling TV show. All of my experience writing TV shows and wrestling had been exclusively imaginary and all the episodes of Dynamite and Rampage, for that matter, were shows that I had been creating at home for fun as a hobby. And when it came to practical TV writing experience, I didn’t have it so I did lean more on people around me and I would try to trust my instincts but it’s hard when you don’t have as much experience and I do take a lot of pride in the booking. I work with a lot of really smart people. And what I think I do a good job of is being organized and dealing with a lot of different people and going for ideas. I have a lot of great creative minds that are in the company that I can have full time access to like Chris Jericho and Christian Cage and Jon Moxley has great ideas. And now CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole have come in with great ideas.”

“I don’t really understand the idea of having a lot of different people write the show and then a person would go in the day of and rip it to pieces and try to come up with new ideas. And to be honest, when I hear about somebody going in and they have a TV show on Monday that they rip up, my first thought is, ‘What were you doing all weekend?’ Because I work my ass off on the weekends. I have to come in with a plan for Wednesday and Friday. So, I don’t do everything myself but I do make the final decision on everything. I put the format together, I put an outline of what the show is going to be for Dynamite and Rampage. I write it by hand.”

“I really just want people to go out and make the points and keep the stories going but I’m not so autocratic that I want to control every word somebody says on television. And I think that’s also why some of our interviews, our storytelling, and promos are really strong, I believe.”

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